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Humans of Maze: Meet Bozena Pieniazek

Humans of Maze: Meet Bozena Pieniazek, Maze



amaz·​ing | \ ə-ˈmā-ziŋ \

Definition of A-Maze-ing

  • a team member of Maze
  • one who inspires, educates, shares generously, and cares deeply

Welcome to the new Humans of Maze series where we introduce our A-Maze-ings to the world. Dive in to learn more about the incredible, talented, and kind people behind the product you love.

––– Mom to not only the Maze Marketing team but also Itzu, Beans, and Lian, Bozena is an indefatigable leader who rallies A-Maze-ings across continents! Bozena Pieniazek is Maze’s Vice President of Marketing and the 8th team member to join the company. Our Marketing team is truly global, and Boz brings the learnings of her third culture kid upbringing to infuse a holistic outlook and practice asynchronous work with her A-Maze-ings. If you want to spot Boz in the wild, check out your local hipster cafe, and you just might find her sipping a chai latte.

Why did you join Maze?

When Jo first reached out to me about Maze, I had never heard about this company. However, as a Product Marketing Manager, I could 100% relate to the problem that Maze sought to solve. Just a few weeks before Jo’s outreach, I had wanted to test the value proposition of a new product that my team at TravelPerk was preparing for launch. At that time, I was new at TravelPerk and was trying to navigate my way around the company to understand how I could go about validating the value prop. After speaking to some people, I quickly realized this type of research would be extremely difficult—so I decided to go to market without testing and validating, which I would not recommend!

Fast forward to my conversations with Jo, and during my interview process I really clicked with Jo and bought into his vision. I must admit, Jo is a great salesperson! He really inspired me with his vision for Maze, and I was excited for the incredible opportunity to join an early-stage startup, directly make an impact, and help grow the company.

What were you doing before joining Maze?

In 2016, I moved to Barcelona to work at Typeform, a startup I had previously never heard of. I spent about 3.5 years at Typeform wearing many different marketing hats. Before I left, I led the Product Marketing team.

After Typeform, I spent a couple of months at TravelPerk setting up the Product Marketing function…until one day, I got an inmail on Linkedin from a guy called Jo Widawski about a job at Maze. And here I am today!

Over the past several years, I have also been teaching part-time at different Business Schools, as well as mentoring and advising early-stage startups.

What are you building right now?

While my job is to empower and enable my team, I am extremely proud of the entire marketing team as they never fail to surprise me. This year alone, they have launched The Optimal Path podcast, Clips, Reach, Disco Conf, a Playbook… and so much more!

What’s great about living in Barcelona?

To be honest, Barcelona ticks a lot of boxes for a lot of people. It’s a relatively large, cosmopolitan city with beaches and plenty of outdoor space. We have “hills”/ national park space, and it’s close to the Pyrenees, Costa Brava, Mallorca (only a 40 minute flight), etc. It’s a great location for weekend trips. The weather in Barcelona is great, there’s amazing food, and generally, the vibe is lovely. It’s a city that attracts many digital nomads.

How has remote/ distributed work impacted you?

Remote work has given me more flexibility in my day-to-day life. Asynchronous work enables me to work when it’s best for me and my family, which means I can spend more time with my family and remain present for the big moments and milestones. I love it and wouldn’t go back to an office environment.

What have you enjoyed at Maze?

I have really enjoyed (almost) everything along this crazy but incredible journey of 2+ years! Foremost, it’s been such an experience to build an incredible team of passionate marketers, which is honestly what I have enjoyed most! It’s not been easy but it’s incredibly rewarding.

Maze’s culture is also incredible, one that is based on trust and empowering the team. I love this stand-out culture because I can have an impact and come up with crazy ideas.

It’s been invaluable to meet the team in-person at offsites and when people come to visit Barcelona. While I absolutely embrace distributed work, it’s also great to meet the people you work with. Finally, the Marketing team is a group of incredibly talented, diverse, passionate, and hard-working humans. The team never fails to surprise me!

What’s next / what’s exciting?

I am SO excited for Disco Conf. The team has been hard at work and we have such amazing speakers lined up for this free event. I know the community will love it.

Help us make an acronym of your name!

  • B: Brilliant
  • O: Organizer
  • Z: Zealously
  • E: Empowering
  • N: New
  • A: A-Maze-ings

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