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Humans of Maze: Meet Heather Begley

Humans of Maze: Meet Heather Begley, Maze



amaz·​ing | \ ə-ˈmā-ziŋ \

Definition of A-Maze-ing

  • a team member of Maze
  • one who inspires, educates, shares generously, and cares deeply

Welcome to the new Humans of Maze series where we introduce our A-Maze-ings to the world. Dive in to learn more about the incredible, talented, and kind people behind the product you love.


Have a question or looking for restaurant recommendations, the first person to raise her hand will be Heather, our Manager of Talent Support & Operations! Whether you need help navigating Notion, are looking for some motivational book suggestions, or want to chat through an idea, Heather’s there with an ear and some delicious looking food photos to boot! Although her house is the unofficial Maze equipment repository, you wouldn’t know it to follow Heather’s journey on Instagram, which documents her travels and drool-worthy meals. Not to worry though, her furry friend Chewie will ensure that Heather logs off her phone or computer regularly for some much-needed outdoor time in the Florida sunshine!

Why did you join Maze?

I first learned about Maze from April, who was my manager at our previous company. After learning about Maze’s product and meeting Jo, I was so excited to join April on her growing People team! It was so special to have the opportunity to once again work with a manager that I trust, and Maze offered an environment where I could learn and gain experience, growing from my previous wheelhouse of Recruiting Operations and further into the People field. All in all, everything about Maze felt like too good to pass up.

What were you doing before joining Maze?

I used to always call myself the Queen of Pivoting. My career path has been anything but linear. Before joining the world of tech, I worked in Customer Service for a financial institution. After that, I taught children with Autism and provided speech and language therapy services for children aged 3 to 17 years.

After a few years working in the special education field, I found myself at a Florida-based mid-sized tech company that was building out their very first Internal Training team. That tech company was my pivot-point into the tech industry, and I count myself very fortunate for the opportunity. One and a half years into corporate life, I realized I absolutely hated driving and dreaded my daily commute. It was mentally and physically draining, and I just knew there had to be another way to work.

After many months of research and reading, I found myself at my first all-remote company – GitLab – where I entered the People field. At GitLab, I threw myself into the Candidate Experience & Recruiting Operations roles, and found that I really loved working one-on-one with team members, building relationships, and crafting really great experiences. That was the end of my pivoting, and I’ve stayed on the People side ever since!

What are you building right now?

We’re currently working on improving the operations of our A-Maze-ing team member experiences and providing a more thoughtful team member journey at Maze, from onboarding to role changes and departures. I think this care really speaks to the way that Maze approaches every interaction with intentionality and generosity. I love that we’re taking a holistic approach to these experiences and interactions, zooming out to every touchpoint that our team members might have throughout their time at Maze, and I’m excited to see the results of this ongoing project.

How has distributed work impacted you?

Being in a fully distributed work environment has taught me a lot about myself and the way that I process information. I’m able to curate my own environment where I don’t feel pressure and can process information at a time that works best for me asynchronously.

What’s great about working for a remote organization?

So many things make remote work so worthwhile! I love that I can wear comfortable clothes all day and work from wherever I want in the comfort of my own home (whether it be in my office, on the couch, or at my dining table!). I live in Tampa — the traffic driving through downtown is brutal! I appreciate that I can start my day whenever I want. I am a night owl, so being able to start my workday when I feel ready and effective is one of the best feelings. Last but not least, I love being in my home and working alongside my husband and fur child, Chewie. Dogs are the best coworkers — even when they’re barking.

What have you enjoyed at Maze?

Maze is my very first early-stage startup; I joined as the ~30th team member and the first member of the Talent Support team, and now we’re nearly 140 team members. 🤯 It warms my heart to think back to when I first joined and everything we’ve built since, all from scratch, within the People team. Never could I have imagined being part of such an amazing company and having such a front-row seat to this growth and evolution.

What do you value most about your team?

I don’t even know where to begin! I value everyone on the People team and I love how our mission and company values resonate with every one of us. It’s incredibly rewarding to actively develop and curate experiences for team members with equity and inclusivity at the top-of-mind. From my experience, it’s hard to find a team – let alone a company – that not only values empathy and creating beautiful experiences for all, but deliberately invests the time and resources necessary to realize empathy and deliver those beautiful experiences. With the People team, I feel that I’ve found kindred spirits and I am so grateful to be a part of such an amazing team.

Help us make an acronym of your name!

  • H: Hungry
  • E: Enthusiastic
  • A: Anxious
  • T: Tidy
  • H: Helpful
  • E: Empathetic
  • R: Resourceful

What is your power ballad/ go to karaoke song?

Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey; or Truth Hurts by Lizzo

What are your social media handles?