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Humans of Maze: Meet Matthieu Dixte

Humans of Maze: Meet Matthieu Dixte, Maze



amaz·​ing | \ ə-ˈmā-ziŋ \

Definition of A-Maze-ing

  • a team member of Maze
  • one who inspires, educates, shares generously, and cares deeply

Welcome to the new Humans of Maze series where we introduce our A-Maze-ings to the world. Dive in to learn more about the incredible, talented, and kind people behind the product you love.


Nous sommes heureux de vous présenter Matthieu! An avid athlete and pet parent to Marcus (un chien) and Charlie (un chat), Matthieu Dixte is an a-maze-ing User Researcher who helps our Product team to understand our customers and their needs. Matthieu has a background in tourism, marketing, and advertising, and loved the Maze product well before he joined the team! Looking for the best running routes in Nantes or down for some pick-up football? Matthieu has all of those insights too!

Why did you join Maze?

Before joining Maze, I was a customer and user for more than 2 years, and used the tool almost daily. During that time, my love of the product and its vision, which matched perfectly with mine, perfectly aligned with my love of the people I interacted with within Maze. All of the people that I met – from Nelson on the customer success side, the whole of the customer support team, the marketing team, the product folks, etc. – were such fantastic people. After finishing a call with yet another amazing Maze person, I turned to my girlfriend who was sitting beside me and said, "I want to join this team of cool kids."

Fast forward seven months, and I completed my interviews, received my offer letter, and officially joined Maze. To this day, I still think that joining Maze has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

What were you doing before joining Maze?

My role before joining Maze was a Product Researcher at a French startup named iAdvize, which specialized in conversational marketing.

What’s great about living in Nantes and being remote?

I have been living in Nantes for 10 years now and I absolutely love the geographical location of this city. Nantes is close to my family (90 minutes away), I am 45 minutes to the sea, close to Brittany, and only 2 hours from Paris by train, which is a fantastic way to catch up with Parisian A-Maze-ings when the opportunity arises. Nantes is a very pleasant city to live in, and while I live in the city center, I also manage to have a garden that my animals like. Remote work helps me to improve my work/life balance, allowing me to get outside for sports and time in the garden regularly.

What have you enjoyed at Maze?

My favorite thing about Maze is the "inception" aspect for me: I'm doing research for a tool that helps people do research! Because of this, I am constantly right in the middle of the field and am the first user of the product. Through dogfooding, I can improve my user empathy, be in regular contact with my peers, and also improve my main work tool.

What do you value most about your team?

Beyond the values of transparency, it is the creativity of this amazing team that has impressed me most. A-Maze-ings are talented and skilled in their fields. We always strive to find solutions to problems, and never just meet the requirements. Everyone seeks to exceed the wishes of our users while respecting tight deadlines and pixel-perfect requirements.

What is your power ballad/ go to karaoke song?

There are plenty of bands that can tempt me to pick up the mic (or the guitar): Radiohead, Queen, ABBA... But the best karaoke I've ever experienced was in the Azores during our last offsite; I've never felt such a sense of community and fun before.

What are your social media handles?