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Humans of Maze: Meet Neslihan Ilgenci

Humans of Maze: Meet Neslihan Ilgenci, Maze



amaz·​ing | \ ə-ˈmā-ziŋ \

Definition of A-Maze-ing

  • a team member of Maze
  • one who inspires, educates, shares generously, and cares deeply

Welcome to the new Humans of Maze series where we introduce our A-Maze-ings to the world. Dive in to learn more about the incredible, talented, and kind people behind the product you love.


Neslihan Ilgenci is an a-maze-ing Junior Full Stack Engineer who loves to play the piano, explore new places, and code creatively. With her background in Linguistics, Nes is passionate about great communication and empowering folks to learn and share. If you’re interested in learning Turkish Sign Language or practicing your programming, Nes is the A-Maze-ing for you. If, however, Gelateria Emiliana is your favorite ice-cream shop as well, then watch out because you’ll have some competition getting to the front door at opening time!

Why did you join Maze?

I found Maze through LinkedIn and was drawn to the product, which seemed to be a real fit for the needs of lots of different kinds of people. When I went to Maze’s website, the resources page, the copy, and blog all indicated that this team cares not only about each other but also the community who uses Maze’s products, and I was thrilled with the idea of contributing to it. That connectedness and humanness were really important for me and inspired me to apply.

What were you doing before joining Maze?

Immediately before I joined Maze, I was just getting started with my software engineering career! My start date with Maze marked my 8th month in software engineering.

What are you building right now?

I’m on the DevX team – which is the short-hand for Developer Experience – so what I build is usually something that improves the lives of other engineers on the team. Currently, I’m working to improve our usage of events.

What’s great about living in Croatia?

I live in Croatia, and the best part of living here is the access to A LOT OF beautiful touristic, historical or natural places. I love working remotely, because I can just get my MacBook and work from any one of the amazing cities here and really explore.

How has remote/ distributed work impacted you?

Because I’m very early in my career (Maze is my second full-time job!), I have never worked in an office setting. Although I do experience some screen fatigue on extra busy days, normally, I really enjoy having my daily routines that I can build around my work day. Some of my favorite day-to-day activities are things that I can actively enjoy thanks to remote work: exercising, eating healthy, and enjoying my delicious husband-made coffee!

Additionally, my husband and I are digital nomads, and with remote work, we can easily plan travel + work weeks in exciting destinations that we want to discover together. Knowing that work is not a blocker for any of these priceless life moments is amazing.

What have you enjoyed at Maze?

In my time at Maze so far, there are so many things that I appreciate about working here. The team and the culture are fantastic. There is not even a hint of micro-management, which is invaluable for me and is really setting the bar high (since I’m working with 40+ experienced engineers). We respect that each and every member of the team is – foremost – a human being. Finally, it’s amazing to work with this team of really skilled and determined engineers; the amount of work we all ship is crazy. I’m really enjoying this process of upskilling and learning with the team.

What’s next?

I’m really excited for the DevX team’s next project, which is improving our deployment pipelines. This work is particularly impactful because it makes us more efficient, actually reducing the time and money spent on each delivery. Plus, this work forces us to have great test coverage, which is always a positive!

What do you value most about your team?

What really stands out to me about this team is their dedication to the decisions we make in our Retros and their patience with improving the developer experience of our repo. No one brings any ego to the table and we resolve every issue authentically and transparently, with respect and thoughtfulness.

Help us make an acronym of your name!

My friends and teammates call me Nes, so here’s my acronym!

  • N: Nap-lover
  • E: Energetic
  • S: Sincere

What are your social media handles?