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Humans of Maze: Meet Sadie Deens

Humans of Maze: Meet Sadie Deens, Maze



amaz·​ing | \ ə-ˈmā-ziŋ \

Definition of A-Maze-ing

  • a team member of Maze
  • one who inspires, educates, shares generously, and cares deeply

Welcome to the new Humans of Maze series where we introduce our A-Maze-ings to the world. Dive in to learn more about the incredible, talented, and kind people behind the product you love.


Sadie Deens is a ray of sunshine personified on our Talent Support & Operations team! A native of the East Coast of the United States, Sadie is an avid fan of American football (📣Go Patriots! 📣) and relishes being close to her extended family and friends. Our Talent Support & Operations team wears just about every hat at Maze – from technical support, process questions, onboarding, and more – and Sadie balances her work time with plenty of time outdoors and exercising. Looking for Sadie when she’s asynchronous? You can find her at the gym, hanging at the beach, spending time with her nephew, or snuggling with her sweet cat Elsa!

Why did you join Maze?

It was inevitable; once I met the team, I couldn’t say no! I loved my interview experience. The people I met throughout the process were outstanding, patient, and inspiring. Most importantly, Maze’s culture really struck me and I was excited to be a part of it.

What were you doing before joining Maze?

Before I joined Maze, I worked with students with disabilities through a high school life skills program. During that time, I was an assistant coach for the Special Olympics, and I spent my time after hours job coaching to assist my students with their work outside of school.

What’s great about working for a remote organization?

I love working remotely because I can spend quality time helping my family, maximize my outdoor time, and the quality of my work is the focus instead of the quantity of my hours. I live in the state of Connecticut where we have lots of forests, beaches, and cute mom-and-pop coffee shops. I love that I’m able to quickly and easily change my environment based on my mood, and that balance has definitely had a positive impact on my mental health. Instead of worrying about my commute or punching in a time card, I can instead spend time meeting with the greatest people around the world. I have more time to focus on family, make mental health a priority, and invest in growing my skills and learning new things.

What have you enjoyed most at Maze?

It’s a three-way tie: the culture at Maze is fantastic; the people are amazing; and being a part of this great team, watching everyone come together to reach our goals, is incredibly rewarding.

What do you value most about your team?

The People team is such a great group. Our transparency and willingness to help one another are so refreshing and energizing. We always work together, laugh together, and cheer each other on. These personalities coming together makes work more exciting, because you feel like you have a group of people always wanting you to succeed and build you up.

Help us make an acronym of your name!

  • S: Supportive
  • A: Awesome
  • D: Down to earth
  • I: Imaginative
  • E: Eccentric

What is your power ballad/ go to karaoke song?

This is hard. Love some Whitney Houston, Def Leppard, but really, anything 80s & 90s.