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Senior Director of People Selected as People Hero of the Month

Senior Director of People Selected as People Hero of the Month, Maze

Our Senior Director of People is selected by Ben as the People Hero of the month.

Check out the full article for her take on current trends in the people space:

“Let’s have tough conversations in the open, let’s work to find common ground, and let’s celebrate the things that make us unique and different. Let’s see them as an advantage rather than a disadvantage.”

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CEO and Co-Founder Get's Real About Mental Health as a Founder

CEO and Co-Founder Get's Real About Mental Health as a Founder

Find out how Jo Widawski Cofounder & CEO of Maze, navigates mental health in the highs and lows of a fast-growing startup 🚀 Listen & subscribe here. Jo talks about the identity crisis he faces as a founder, and what it really means to lead by example on mental health—for better, and for worse. 🎭

Team announcement

Meet Founder and CTO of Maze: Thomas Mary

Meet Founder and CTO of Maze: Thomas Mary

The rapid ascent of user testing and research platform Maze continues to amaze one of its founders. Thomas Mary started the company with Jonathan Widawski four years ago, and it’s grown to work with world-leading companies such as Figma, Adobe XD, InVision, Marvel and Sketch. “In the past three years, things have changed dramatically. Every six months, we look back at what we achieved and are amazed by it. At the same time, we’ll be scared about the goals we set for the next six months, because they always seem out of reach, but then we keep reaching them, which is amazing.” After spending considerable time with Jonathan building the first MVP of Maze, Thomas said all it took was someone sharing the company in the right place for them to attract significant attention. “Somehow the link for Maze was shared on a Subreddit and then it got picked up on Product Hunt. I think we had designers from Airbnb and Amazon using Maze on that very first day. Talk about a good signal. A few days after that we had partnership talks with Marvel, Adobe XD and Sketch, which was the beginning of the snowball.” Thomas started his journey to becoming Maze CTO and co-founder with an interest in robotics as a child. He was always building little robots when he was young, and continued that interest all the way through to studying robotics alongside his master’s in computer science. “I did my master’s project on a robot city map. I built a spider with multiple legs, with all the mechanics and how to make it move in different directions. It had a kinect on top, which gave it the ability to get a screenshot of what the robot would see. The idea was to just drop the robot into caves to build up a map of what was surrounding the robot.” Thomas wants the company to be iconic, and something that people look up to. He says he’s never been involved with something in the way he is now, so he just wants to continue learning every day. “I hope I can continue to have more and more people around me who are more talented than I am, who I can learn from. It's just about the learnings; I don’t really have a clear idea of exactly where I want to be in five years. It's more like, ‘Where can I be the most useful to make a successful company and learn as much as I can along the way as well?’” “The quality of the people here at Maze is already fantastic. It's not just about me and Jonathan anymore, it's more about everyone else. It's fantastic to be at that point now.” Thomas lives near London with his wife and daughter, and spends as much of his free time as he can with them. He’s also a triathlete, and keeps fit by exercising most days.

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