Org chart

Frank H. McCourt, Jr.
Chairman & CEO
Anita Tang
Executive Director, Office of the Chairman & CEO, McCourt LP
Kevin Griffin
CEO & CIO, MGG Investment Group
Francine Hughes
Chief of Staff
Paula Recart
Chief of Impact
Brin Frazier
Chief Communications Officer
Nathalie Nenon
Chief Marketing & Revenue Officer
Braxton Woodham
President, Unfinished Labs
Jacques-Henri Eyraud
President, McCourt Europe, Middle East & Africa
Pablo Longoria
President, Olympique de Marseille
Jordan Lang
Managing Director, Real Estate
Holt Satterfield
Director, Information Technology
Jacqueline Bataille
Director, Taxation
Joe White
General Counsel
Kiran Kadekar
General Counsel

Board & Advisors

Barry Cohen
Vice Chair
Jeff Ingram
Vice Chair

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