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Get To Know The New National Business Capital & Services CEO And What Makes Its Award-Winning Workplace Culture

Get To Know The New National Business Capital & Services CEO And What Makes Its Award-Winning Workplace Culture, National Business Capital & Services

Fintech marketplace National Business Capital & Services was recently recognized by Newsday as the #1 Top Workplace on Long Island for fostering an amazing company culture and employee experience for the second consecutive year. With a new CEO and an unpredictable year in 2020, how do they do it?

Joe Camberato was named CEO of the small business lending marketplace NBC&S in November 2020, although he had long been a leader of the company. Joe co-founded the company in 2007, and had been its President ever since. A short time after his appointment, NBC&S' culture was honored for the second time by Newsday's top award. They also won the New Ideas Award for encouraging, accepting and implementing ideas from employees at all levels

While he’s new in the CEO’s role, Joe says encouraging input from all levels has always been at the core of the business. That’s reiterated by Content Manager Matthew Carrigan.

“There's a very open environment that allows for people to contribute different ideas based on the problem that we're trying to solve,” Matt said. “I was told on day one, if I have a question, I could go to anyone - a VP or a manager - that was really emphasized to me and I think that's really what helped me feel very comfortable.”

Joe says that comes down to leaders of the company being able to acknowledge that they’re not perfect.

“A lot of CEOs feel like they always have to have all the answers, and I'm not afraid to admit that I don’t,” he said. “I don't care if you don't have the answer. What's important to me is knowing when you don't have the answer, you can go to the right place to find that answer. That's what I care about.”

Joe believes the company’s commitment to hiring good people first and foremost is key to this attitude succeeding. It doesn’t matter what school someone went to, or how much experience they have, they have to be able to operate within the company’s culture.

“We look for good quality people, people that care,” he said. “The organization is driven on mutual respect, and we work together in a big team environment. We work hard, we have fun. We deliver a great experience to our customers. That's really important to us.”

The result is a company that not only uses cutting edge technology and automation to service its customers, but has receptive and helpful staff to assist them in their needs. Joe is a strong believer that their commitment to people will help them to grow.

“I think a lot of people got a little drunk on technology and wanted to figure out how to automate everything and eliminate people,” said Joe. “They have a very low level of people, and when they’re working with business owners, they can't really answer their questions. So when customers come to us they really appreciate how we handle ourselves, and the knowledge that we have.

“Business owners might be about to sign a financing agreement for a quarter of a million dollars. It's great if you can automate all that, and we've done $250,000 fundings in under four hours, it's amazing. But we've also been able to talk and explain what's happening. When people are about to sign for that much money, they want to know what's going on. So they have some questions, and it's completely understandable, and that's what we're here for.”

Having secured more than $1 billion in funding for small businesses in its lifetime, and with high anticipation to continue that support in a post-COVID economy, there is no sign of NBC&S slowing down in the future.

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