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Org chart

Megan Amos
Director of Customer Success
Manish Jain
Manager, Sales Operations and Customer Transformation
Bruce Hill
Business Development
Andrew Anderson
Co-Founder and President
James Mancini
Co-Founder and Vice President of Solutions Architecture
Ged Caldwell
Chief Revenue Officer
Dave Lemphers
Principal, Applied Data Scientist
Aritomo Shinozaki
Vice President, Engineering
Kyle Biniasz
Vice President, Marketing
Melissa Phillips
Vice President, Product Management
Jon April
Vice President, Security and Cloud Operations
Josh Chessman
VP, Strategy and Innovation
Aniket Kumar
VP, Finance
Cristina Mccoy
Human Resources

Board & Advisors

People not yet in org chart

James Michaelis
User Documentation
Jimmy Kenney
Support Team Lead
Thomas Firster
Professional Services
Jason Skufca
Professional Services
Stephen Moore
Product Marketing
Furquan Ahmed Khaja
Sr. Professional Services Engineer