Klaus Gjervig Jensen

Director DMPK at NMD Pharma

Klaus Gjervig Jensen has worked in the pharmaceutical industry since 1994. Klaus began their career as a Research Fellow at the National Institute of Occupational Health in Stockholm, Sweden. In 1994, they joined Lundbeck as a Biochemist, and subsequently held the roles of Section Leader, Senior Specialist, Associate Director (DMPK), and Chief Specialist (DMPK). In 2019, they moved to Experimental Medicine & Clinical Development, PK/PD Modelling & Simulation, H.Lundbeck A/S in the role of Chief Specialist (DMPK). Klaus is currently the Director DMPK at NMD Pharma.

Klaus Gjervig Jensen obtained their Ph.D. in In Vitro Toxicity and Biotransformation from Københavns Universitet - University of Copenhagen in 1994 and their M.Sc. in Cand. Scient. Biology/Chemistry from Syddansk Universitet - University of Southern Denmark in 1990.



  • Director DMPK

    June, 2020 - present

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