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Org chart

Daniel Conrad
President and CEO
Dave Breuer
EVP, Chief Financial Officer
Don Campbell
SVP, Chief Legal Officer
Stacie Heiden
EVP, Strategic Development and Health Delivery
Joan McCusker
SVP Risk and Administration
Greg Glasner
Chief Medical Officer
Lacey Bergh
VP of Contracting & Network Management
Pam Gulleson
VP Public Affairs
Jeff Ubben
VP, Compliance
Kristi Huber
SVP & Chief Marketing Officer
Jessica Stimpson
VP Sales & Marketing

Board & Advisors

Dale Klein
Board Member
Darrold Bertsch
Board Member
Dennis Hill
Lisa Helbling
Board Member
Lynette J. Dickson
Board Member
Niles Hushka
Board Member
Richard Vetter
Board Member
Lynn Paulson

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