Senior Software Engineer

Engineering · Full-time · Remote

Product-minded senior software engineer who enjoys solving difficult problems with a seamless, delightful end user experience.

The Role:

  • Build product: This role will require you to move fast, prioritize ruthlessly, and be focused on the end user. Your voice will be essential in shaping the product and the roadmap, and your decisions will have immediate and far-reaching impact. You will work in collaboration with the engineering and design teams.
  • Grow the team and culture: As an early member of the team, you will form the defining DNA for the company's culture and our future team. Our ability to build a market-defining product is solely dependent on the culture we foster.
  • Set up foundational frameworks: You'll join at the genesis of something totally new and come into a fast-paced environment. We value process-driven systems that enable us to work smarter as we scale, and you'll build out design systems that will serve as guide rails for the engineering team.


  • Contribute to the development of the Notus web application end-to-end
  • Work with the design team to develop interfaces that abstract away complexities and delivers an elegant and delightful user experience
  • Write APIs to deliver data from multiple data sources
  • Extract and transform data from 3rd party APIs
  • Help shape the roadmap and plan sprints that allow us to quickly deliver features and be agile to user feedback
  • Be a key part of hiring, including interviewing and providing input into team growth decisions

What we are looking for:

  • Experience with designing and implementing production web applications
  • Proficiency with Node.js, JavaScript, React, and TypeScript
  • Experience with relational databases like Postgres/MySQL
  • Experience with building and integrating APIs
  • Experience with working in fast paced environments, and if a remote candidate, experience on a distributed team with async communication is a bonus
  • Not bound to a particular tech stack and can learn new technologies on-the-go
  • Bonus points for experience with any of the following technologies GraphQL, ElasticSearch, Headless browsers, data pipelines, Cassandra, Python, or K8s