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Odin Industries Announces the Addition of L. Terrel as Senior Consultant of Music Content

Odin Industries Announces the Addition of L. Terrel as Senior Consultant of Music Content, Odin Industries

Odin Industries LLC continues their remarkable growth with the addition of Terrel Majette (L.Terrel) to their team as Senior Consulting of music content. Terrel will be handling original content creation, music production, and corporate jingles.

L. Terrel was born and raised in the small town of Franklin, VA. After an 8-year career in the Army, he relocated in November 2018 to the Atlanta, GA area to pursue a career in the entertainment business.

In a two-year timeframe, L. Terrel released over 50 songs with more than 500,000 streams internationally. In June of 2020, L. Terrel and his wife Rachel founded Nagid House Entertainment in Atlanta, GA. As a content creator, L. Terrel has written and produced many theme songs, business jingles, etc. including the official theme song for the Virginia Beach Award Winning TV Show “Poolside Cooking”. L. Terrel Is definitely a rising star and is making a positive impact on people and businesses all over the world. said, “L. Terrel’s voice is insanely good”.

L. Terrel has an orthodox but genuine style and many of his fans say that L’s music is multi-genre music and “music for all age groups”. L. Terrel is definitely pulling people together one song at a time and he is inspiring a new generation to never give up on their dreams!

“We are very excited to be bringing on L. Terrel to our growing team. His inspiring musical talent is a great value add to our clients,” says Ryan L Hawley, CEO at Odin Industries LLC.

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