Back-End/Full Stack Engineer

Engineering · Full-time · Miami, United States

OpenStore is reimagining the future of e-commerce. Today, we're building the technology and team to identify, value, acquire and scale long-tail e-commerce brands. We intend to use that high-velocity network of brands to build an entirely new portfolio of shopping experiences. We envision a future where emerging e-commerce brands have access to instant liquidity for their businesses and where consumers have ready access to the best, small-brand products. This is a joint-venture between Founders Fund (Keith Rabois, CEO of OpenStore) and Atomic (Jack Abraham).

As an early engineer, you will be a critical part of our company’s product direction and future. You will be building the bones of our company and making decisions that will control the trajectory of the company. We will invest in your development and do everything we can to make sure this is and will always be one of your best professional experiences. We believe this will be a career-defining choice for all employees.

Who You Are

  • You like to build and ship. Providing the best experience for all customers. You have opinions and can drive forward as a champion.
  • You are experienced. You’ve done it before. Your experience will help you avoid pitfalls and help not only you, but the whole company, move faster and build better.
  • You thrive in fast paced environments. At this stage we’re still learning. You will iterate with customers, designers, and product managers to focus on high impact work.
  • You take pride in your craftsmanship. Clean code and design helps you and your colleagues move fast and confidently.
  • You have empathy for customers. You build with the customer in mind.

What You'll Do

  • You’ll ship product. As part of our team, you’ll move fast. Building solid user experiences, wiring up real-time interactions, and pushing out bug-fixes are all “part of the job”. Writing clean and efficient code that helps not only you -- but the entire team -- deliver real value fast.
  • You’ll contribute to many areas. You’ll not only work with product, design, and engineering, you’ll contribute to product, design, engineering and architecture for all our customer experiences.
  • You’ll grow and improve. You’ll be working with some top-notch people who all love to teach and learn. You’ll find yourself both teaching and learning, giving feedback and leading. Challenge your team as they challenge you. We all improve ourselves on a daily basis.
  • You’ll shape product strategy. You’ll get to use your own product, talk to customers who use it, and have a direct impact on how our company creates and produces experiences.
  • You’ll be an owner. You’ll work together with smart and ego-free people with the responsibility and freedom to execute. We’ll give you the space and support to excel.