Orchestre National de Lille


Org chart

François Bou
Managing Director
Delphine Bon
Executive Assistant
Thierry Verdru
Chief Financial Officer
Fabio Sinacori
Artistic Delegate
Virginie Groll
Artistic Project Manager
Ghislain Abraham
Head of Dissemination
Charlotte De Visscher
PR & Partnerships Manager
Blandine Lespinasse
Communication, Marketing & PR Coordinator
Nicolas Foulon
Press & Media Manager
Manon Cunier
Communication & Marketing Manager
Elsa Spiers
Digital Communication Manager
Aude Leclerc
Head of Pedagogy & Educational Action
Marie Chiozzotto
Cultural Action & Audience Development Officer
Fabrice Deroo
General Manager
Pascal Biencourt
Head of Development, Sponsorship & Economic PR
Audrey Legendre
Production Manager & coordinator
François Decoster
President, Board of Directors
Luc Doublet
Vice-President, Board

Board & Advisors

Ivan Renar
Honorary President, Board of Directors
Marie - Chantal Blain
Regional Councilor

People not yet in org chart