Carrie Beckner

Vice President at Pariveda Solutions

Carrie Beckner has a passion for people and problem solving that has helped her lead at Pariveda in myriad roles. Her ability to adapt and meet the needs of others has brought her from Office Manager of Pariveda’s largest office, Dallas, aiding in the implementation of Holacracy, and education on Polarity Thinking across the entire firm. Carrie is focused on leading roles in the Enterprise Circle as well as the Event Management Circle while still acting as a Holacracy and Polarity coach for Pariveda.

Ms. Beckner began her professional career in office management with a focus on small businesses where she could participate in filling every role to learn the business and improve its processes. She started her Pariveda career over a decade ago, facilitating operational leadership team meetings, managing the physical office, and improving the culture and work experiences of the consultants. After six years in this role, with Dallas consultants doubling in number, Carrie moved into a new position with Pariveda’s Executive Team, facilitating operations and coaching leadership across Pariveda’s C-suite. Quickly after that, she took on an essential role of teaching and easing Pariveda into a new organizational governance model, Holacracy.


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