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Parker Health Joins the Sequoia Project

Parker Health Joins the Sequoia Project, Parker Health

Washington, DC August 16th, 2022 - Parker Health, an innovative biotechnology company, announces it has joined the Sequoia Project a new health information exchange framework to improve health data interoperability across the country. The Parker Suite™ is America's first full-stack cloud-based Healthcare Management System™ built exclusively on the FHIR framework.

The Trusted Exchange Framework and Common Agreement (TEFCA) will bring information networks together to help ensure that all people benefit from complete, longitudinal health records wherever they receive care. In the future, TEFCA will expand to support use cases beyond clinical care, such as public health.

When the application process opens later this year, Parker Health will apply to join TEFCA as an inaugural Qualified Health Information Network (QHIN).

“This unique opportunity allows us to showcase the future of healthcare through the Parker Suite, the use of data sets in alignment with FHIR standards and APIs. Furthermore, joining Sequoia allows us to continue our influence and guidance on federal regulations and testing standards on Health IT and software.” said Vincent Lopez, Founder & CEO.

Parker Health has been working towards and developing state-of-the-art process to be used in collaboration with Office of National Coordinator of Health Information Technology (ONC), the Sequoia Project, and others to streamline interoperability and TEFCA principles.

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A Mexican American founded, and minority-led innovative biotechnology company advancing global healthcare into the next century.

America's first FHIR complaint full-stack cloud-based Healthcare Management System™ which unifies patient-centric data, practitioner engagement, care delivery and outcomes, and the evolution of healthcare. Our proprietary integrated Electronic Health System (EHR/EMR), Remote Physiological Monitoring (RPM), Remote Fitness Monitoring™ (RFM), Vinny A. I™, and Diagnostic (Dx) tools provide an interoperable and robust experience for patients, practitioners, payors, researchers, and health systems. We’re on a mission to simplify the complexities of healthcare and deliver on the unfulfilled promises of digital health with a compliant, interoperable, accessible, and affordable solution. To learn more about Parker Health, please visit ourparker.com.

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