Andy Ho

EVP & Chief Market Leader of Philips Greater China at Philips

Andy Ho joined Royal Philips in August 2015 as the Executive Vice President before becoming the Chief Market Leader of Philips Greater China in November 2015. In July 2016, he was also appointed as a member of the Royal Philips Executive Committee.

He started with Philips during a period of unprecedented strategic transformation for the 128-year old company and has played an exceptional role in its evolution into a leading health technology solutions provider in the Greater China Market. He is passionate about business transformation, localization, entrepreneurship as well as open innovation to drive competitiveness and customer value in the Greater China market.

Andy further enhances the position of Philips as a leader of health technology in the local market by steering the company to focus on the commitment to creating value to “Healthy China 2030” as well as his team to advance the strategic transformation through the “China model’.

Key localization strategic initiatives under his direction include end-to-end business model transformation of solutions; precise segmentation of customer strategy in the professional market; addressing the top 3 chronic diseases in China, namely cardiovascular, cerebrovascular and oncological diseases, with integrated solutions across the health continuum of pre-, intra- and post-hospitalization; transformation into Direct2Consumers approach; Omni-channel as well as experiential marketing in the consumer market.

Under his leadership, Philips has become a trusted partner for professional customers and a personal health expert for individual consumers across the health continuum. China, with sustained growth and being the second largest market of Philips, has been one of the major growth engines for the global Philips.

With deep insights and extensive expertise brought from his strong background in the IT industry, Andy is also leading the digital transformation of Philips in China and committed to addressing the country’s healthcare challenges through digital, big data and AI enabled solutions tailored for the true local clinical setting and health management scenarios. To accelerate the local digital innovation, he has also driven enthusiastically the establishment of the Digital Innovation Center and the Medical Artificial Intelligence Lab in China.

Aiming to transform China’s health system towards a value-based model, Andy and his team strive to build a local innovation ecosystem across the health continuum and encourage the wider health technology industry in adopting an “internet plus” strategy. He is also passionate about cross-sector integration and actively engages in strategic alliances and collaboration between Philips and the government, hospitals, industry leaders, universities, technology incubators and IT champions.

In 2018, Andy was honored by the Shanghai Municipal Government with the Shanghai Magnolia Award in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the city’s endeavor to building a global hub for technology innovation and the national vision of “Healthy China 2030”.

Prior to joining Philips, Andy worked for over 30 years at IBM where he had held a wide range of sales, technology and senior management roles in Greater China, Canada and the United States. He had managed the high-growth regions, systems and businesses across over 100 countries and was also a member of the company’s Global Technology Team Committee and Global Strategy Team Committee.

Andy was born in 1961 in Hong Kong, China and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration awarded by the Chinese University of Hong Kong.


  • EVP & Chief Market Leader of Philips Greater China

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