Ayman Shaltoni

Product Designer at QewamX | قِوام إكس

Ayman Shaltoni has a diverse work experience in various design roles. Ayman currently works as a Product Designer at QewamX, where they are responsible for developing a customer-focused point of view on products, designing concepts and features, increasing design system adoption, and collaborating with developers.

Before that, Ayman worked as a Product Designer at Mzad Qatar from 2014 to 2020, leading the design creation process for mobile app and website designs. Ayman conducted A/B tests and user validation sessions during this time.

Ayman also worked as a Top Rated Plus Designer at Upwork from 2014 to 2020.

Ayman has experience as a UX Designer at Qawafel and UI Designer at OTO. Ayman worked at Syaanh.com as a UX Designer, where they contributed to the development of a home maintenance and repair service app.

Ayman started their career as a UI Designer at Daleelii, where they designed over 240 webpages in Arabic and English. Ayman also worked as a Brand Designer at Nepras for Media & IT and as a Graphic Designer at SpeedClick, where they designed company identities, logos, and branding materials.

Overall, Ayman has a strong background in product design and has worked on various projects in both Arabic and English languages.

Ayman Shaltoni completed their Bachelor's degree in Information Technology at iugaza from 2008 to 2012. Prior to that, they pursued a degree in "Programming & Database" at UCAS - IUG University from 2006 to 2008. Besides their formal education, Ayman has obtained various certifications, including Webflow 101 from Webflow, 10 Mentorship Sessions and 100 Mentorship Minutes from adplist.org, and certifications in design-related subjects such as Design Composition, CSS for Designers, Common Design Patterns, Design Accessibility, HTML for Designers, Product Designer, UX Designer, UX Writing, Mobile Design, Color Psychology, UI Components II: Advanced, UI Components I: Basic, UX Design Foundations, Wireframing, and Design Terminology from Uxcel.


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    October, 2020 - present

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