Tad Lebeck

Chief Technology Officer at Quantuvos. Group, Team, and Individual Leadership Coaching, Content, and Community

Tad Lebeck has a diverse and extensive work experience spanning across various roles and companies. Tad started their career at Symantec, where they served as Vice President and played a crucial role in the creation of a joint venture. Tad also led the integration of an acquisition and became the head of the product group, significantly growing its revenue.

Tad Lebeck then joined Huawei Symantec Technologies as Chief Technology Officer, where they defined the technology strategy and vision, built an advanced technology team, and successfully grew the business from zero to a $1 billion run rate in just five years.

Afterwards, they served as Chief Technology Officer at Jointech Software, a role in which they excelled while developing storage and security appliances. Tad then moved on to Pausing and Recharging, where they focused on researching new startup ideas and relocating their family.

Tad Lebeck later founded Nuvoloso Inc., where they served as Founder and CEO. Tad defined container-native storage for Kubernetes and assembled a top-tier team of technical talent. Notable investors in the company included former NetApp executives.

Tad continued their career at Tumult Labs, where they drove the go-to-market strategy for a differential privacy product. Tad collaborated with cross-functional teams and designed initiatives to achieve company objectives.

At ProphetStor Data Services, Tad Lebeck held a Business Development role, successfully executing a product-led growth go-to-market strategy. Tad implemented impactful marketing strategies, resulting in increased website traffic and lead generation. Tad also secured partner agreements with prominent companies, enhancing the product's visibility.

Tad Lebeck joined Ionir as Senior Vice President of Product Development, where they directed all aspects of product development for a Kubernetes container-native storage product. Tad was recruited to address challenges in the product development process and provided key insights to the CEO and Board of Directors.

Most recently, they assumed the role of Principal at TSA Advisors and then became the Chief Technology Officer at Quantuvos.

Overall, Tad Lebeck has demonstrated expertise in technology leadership, product development, go-to-market strategies, and building successful businesses.

Tad Lebeck's education history shows that they attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison from 1977 to 1986, where they earned both a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science degree in Computer Science. Later, from 2010 to 2012, they pursued an MBA degree specializing in EMBA Global Asia, attending three different institutions: Columbia Business School, London Business School, and The University of Hong Kong.



  • Chief Technology Officer

    June, 2023 - present

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