Adriana Gonzalez Lopez

Junior Engineer at RD8

Adriana Gonzalez Lopez has a diverse work experience in various companies. In 2023, they worked as a Junior Engineer at RD8. Prior to that, in 2022, they completed an internship as a Mechanical Engineer at Mercedes-Benz España. In 2021, Adriana worked on their Bachelor Thesis at EKOMODO. Adriana'searliest work experience was in 2020, where they had an internship as an Industrial Designer at PLASMIR SA.

Adriana Gonzalez Lopez has a diverse education history. From 2017 to 2022, they attended Tecnun - Universidad de Navarra, where they pursued two degrees simultaneously. Adriana completed a Bachelor's degree in Ingeniería Mecánica (Mechanical Engineering) and a Bachelor's degree in Ingeniería de Diseño Industrial y Desarrollo de Productos (Industrial Design Engineering and Product Development). In 2021, Adriana participated in an Erasmus program at the University of Twente, where they focused on Mechanical Engineering. Adriana obtained their Erasmus Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering in 2022. Adriana is currently enrolled in an MSc Design and Innovation program at DTU - Technical University of Denmark, which they will complete in 2024. In terms of certifications, they obtained the TOEFL iBT C1 certification from The TOEFL® test in January 2022.



  • Junior Engineer

    January, 2023 - present

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