RJC732 -JAM Stack Developer

Product · Full-time · Chennai, India

Responsible for the development the features of Marketing initiatives. Accountable on writing clean and testable code for the solution.Work closely with the marketing stakeholders, Architects, SMs and POs to understand the adhoc marketing request, and deliver the solution.Contribute on the team ceremonies like planning, review, retro and demo.Document and demonstrate the solutions by flow charts, diagrams, and code comments.Support on the production issue/outages, customer service tickets and on releases.Coordinating with Leads, Managers to plan on the delivery scope and engineering designs.

  1. Strong Programming knowledge in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, SQL.
  2. Work Experience on Jam stack projects.
  3. Strong in React, TypeScript, Gatsby UI framework, GraphQL.
  4. Expertise in building web components and UI elements.
  5. Experience in building web apps on top of Nodejs runtime.
  6. Has knowledge/experience on any of the JavaScript Headless CMS, like Strapi.io
  7. Can do the testing using the Jest (Unit Testing) and Cypress (E2E Testing)
  8. Strong knowledge on software engineering.
  9. Excellent on using the development (IDE, git, static code analyzer) and project management (Jira) tools.