Matthew Fineout

Technical Director at RIOS


Matthew aspires to create inspirational and enriching environments that positively impact wellbeing, strengthen communities, and elevate humanity. Matthew is responsible for technical oversight and execution of architectural projects at RIOS. He develops innovative solutions to solve complex problems that arise in response to the need for an original design that addresses a set of novel conditions.

Matthew is adept at working with a broad and diverse array of team members who bring varying points of view in assessing and addressing conditions in the built environment. Favoring an unconventional approach, he enjoys developing bespoke solutions to criteria without precedent, as well as pushing the boundaries of design to address the ever-changing needs of clients and societal conditions.

As a former Associate Adjunct Professor at Carnegie Mellon University and current Visiting Critic, Matthew has extensive experience giving lectures globally and has published numerous papers on the transition to digital applications for project development and construction implementation. Prior to joining RIOS, Matthew was the founder of Smart Architecture, where he focused on highly complex building forms for several prominent international projects, including the Atlassian Anchor Tower in Sydney, Australia, the Mexico City International Airport, and the Entisar Super Tall Tower in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


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