Org chart

Jens Birgersson
President & CEO
Bjørn Rici Andersen
SVP, Group Operations & Technology
Gilles Maria
SVP, Head of Insulation South West Europe and Insulation Asia
Henrik Frank Nielsen
Senior Vice President, Head of Insulation North East Europe
Jessica Jonasson
SVP, Group Human Resources
Kim Junge Andersen
Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer
Mirella Vitale
SVP, Group Marketing, Communications and Public Affairs
Volker Christmann
Senior Vice President, Head of Insulation Central Europe

Board & Advisors

Andreas Ronken
Board Member
Carsten Bjerg
Deputy Chairman
Christian Westerberg
Board of directors
Jørgen Tang-Jensen
Board of directors
René Binder Rasmussen
Board of directors
Søren Kähler
Board of directors

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