Team announcement

Heather Dixon Srigley joins SagaCity Media as its first Chief Brand Officer

Heather Dixon Srigley joins SagaCity Media as its first Chief Brand Officer, SagaCity Media Inc.

SagaCity Media, Inc. today announced the hiring of Heather Dixon Srigley as its first Chief Brand Officer. In this role, Ms. Srigley will be responsible for all consumer marketing of SagaCity's beloved local brands; business marketing directed at national and local advertising agencies and thousands of commercial, educational, and nonprofit organizations that utilize its omni-channel platform for promotion of their products and services; and internal marketing to the company's talented and diverse employees.

This appointment marks the first time in its 18-year history that SagaCity will have a person dedicated to supporting and promoting the regional brands that make the company great, as well as the parent SagaCity Media brand.

"As CEO of SagaCity Media, it is with great excitement that I welcome Heather and her deep well of brand-building talent and change expertise from both startups and blue-chip companies," said Nicole Vogel, also the company's co-founder. "While 2020 was undoubtedly the most challenging in SagaCity's history, we have chosen a path of growth and reinvention, and Heather's skills will be integral to that exciting transformation."

Ms. Srigley has spent her career redefining and reinvigorating brands. During her lengthy career at Intel, she was responsible for growth marketing in global datacenters and enterprise solutions markets, as well as for the initial launch of the Intel Core family of processors in the U.S. She also helped reinvigorate Intel's workplace brand by rolling out corporate strategy and culture, and leading global rewards and recognition initiatives. During her prior 10 years at Dow Chemical, she led the industry's first triple-bottom-line Public Report on environmental, social, and economic responsibility with both global and community versions.

In the next stage of her career, Ms. Srigley has run her own successful marketing consultancy, The Brand Bunker, and led homeowner and real estate marketing at Vacasa in Portland, Oregon. Over the past year, she also co-founded a pet tech startup, ChompAI, which is developing machine-learning solutions to revolutionize remote veterinary care, automated direct-to-pet food delivery, and pet-to-human connection in the AI-infused digital home. Her career has always thrived at the crossroads of technology and public perception, and she looks forward to continuing in that vein at SagaCity.

"2020 was surely a year of unprecedented loss and disruption, but it was also a year of renewal and innovation," said Ms. Srigley. "With lockdowns in place, people are starved for a sense of connection and authentic conversations. The most exciting brands, like those at SagaCity Media, have tapped not only into their humanness but also into technology that will help them better serve their audiences. Artificial intelligence and predictive analytics, when combined with exceptional consideration for privacy standards, can be used to great success.

"2021 and beyond will be about personalization, hyper localization, scale, and efficient two-way digital experiences that connect businesses to customers in new ways," Ms. Srigley continued. "I am excited to be part of the SagaCity brand story that embraces new spaces and places, delivering the most exciting lifestyle content to millions of Americans as we co-locate, re-locate, and re-localize—centering our attention on what makes our towns and states unique, beautiful, and resilient."

Added Ms. Vogel: "From Seattle Met to Houstonia, Sarasota to Portland Monthly, our brands have redefined and responded to the needs of residents and small businesses during this unprecedented time. We take our responsibility to our communities seriously: in the face of the challenges posed by the pandemic and the opportunities unveiled by the social justice movement, each of the cities we serve will need to rebuild and rethink. We intend to be a hearty part of those conversations both internally and externally, and Heather's vast talent will help us to accomplish that."