Mario Kezi

Chief Executive Officer - Nonprofit at Spartan Blockchain

Mario Kezi's work experience includes serving as the Chief Executive Officer - Nonprofit at Spartan Blockchain Solutions since 2022. In this role, they organized a successful blockchain technology conference, raised $25,000 in donations, and is currently educating the MSU community on blockchain technology. Mario is also leading the 2022 fall Blockchain Speaker Series Conference.

Additionally, Mario has worked as the Chief Operating Officer at Lynx Protocol since 2022. Prior to that, they were a Technology Strategist at Verizon in 2022, where they conducted research on nascent technology and presented findings to influence future strategies. Mario also identified blockchain opportunities contributing to potential gains of $50M and organized a mentorship event for Verizon employees.

Before joining Verizon, Mario worked as a Sales Representative at Lorenzo Wholesale Inc. from 2020 to 2021.

Mario Kezi holds a Bachelor of Engineering (BE) degree with a concentration in Applied Engineering and Business Law from Michigan State University. Additionally, they have obtained certifications in "Become a Project Management Entrepreneur" and "Sales: Closing Strategies" from LinkedIn, in January 2023.



  • Chief Executive Officer - Nonprofit

    September, 2022 - present

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