Bill Dollins

Chief Information Officer at Spatial Networks


Bill Dollins is the Chief Information Officer at Spatial Networks, overseeing a multi-product team of software developers and data engineers, and ensuring SNI’s technology portfolio supports operations across the company.

Prior to joining SNI in 2017, Bill worked at Zekiah Technologies, where he built numerous tools to help with critical infrastructure protection, disaster response, and civil support. He also built several analytical tools to help with modeling behaviors of infrastructures such as switched telecommunications, commercial rail networks, and the petroleum/oil/lubricants infrastructure.

Bill graduated from the University of Maryland Baltimore County with a Bachelor of Science in Information Systems and views software development as a creative outlet rather than an engineering activity. He enjoys reading fiction to inspire creativity and biographies and books related to geography in order to become a better leader. He has also taken up running and strength/core training to combat cubicle body.


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