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Org chart

Profile photo of Derek Belch, Founder and CEO at STRIVR
Derek Belch
Founder and CEO
Derek Belch
Profile photo of Aneesh Kulkarni, VP, Engineering at STRIVR
Aneesh Kulkarni
VP, Engineering
Profile photo of Veronique Lafargue, VP, Marketing at STRIVR
Veronique Lafargue
VP, Marketing
Profile photo of Mina Rozenshine, VP, People at STRIVR
Mina Rozenshine
VP, People
Profile photo of Mike Libby, VP, Finance at STRIVR
Mike Libby
VP, Finance
Profile photo of Johnnie Novello, VP, Sales at STRIVR
Johnnie Novello
VP, Sales
Profile photo of Brian Murphy, VP, Strategy at STRIVR
Brian Murphy
VP, Strategy
Profile photo of Logan Mulvey, Chief Customer Officer at STRIVR
Logan Mulvey
Chief Customer Officer
Profile photo of Michael Casale, Chief Science Officer at STRIVR
Michael Casale
Chief Science Officer
Profile photo of Nata Kuribko, VP, Product & Data at STRIVR
Nata Kuribko
VP, Product & Data

Board & Advisors

Profile photo of Jeremy Bailenson, Co-Founder at STRIVR
Jeremy Bailenson
Profile photo of David Shaw, Advisor at STRIVR
David Shaw
Profile photo of Josh Bersin, Advisor at STRIVR
Josh Bersin
Profile photo of Tyson Baber, Board Member at STRIVR
Tyson Baber
Board Member
Profile photo of Ray Lane, Board Member at STRIVR
Ray Lane
Board Member
Profile photo of Rick Thompson, Board Member at STRIVR
Rick Thompson
Board Member

Positions not yet in org chart

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