Lucy Hong

VP of Operations at The Org

I’m Lucy, the VP of Operations at The Org. My areas of responsibility at the company include Business Operations, Research, Business Analytics, Finance, Support, Legal, and Investor Relations. I found my way to The Org because I believe we can build better teams, communities, and companies through transparency. To me, one of the most rewarding experiences in life is when I feel deeply connected to the people I spend the most time with, and I have strong conviction that we can achieve this by seeing the world clearly and by letting the world see into us. In this day and age, we spend the vast majority of our waking hours with colleagues. While I understand the fear of transparency in a professional setting, I have experienced first hand the power of openness and vulnerability which lead to better relationships, stronger teams, higher performance and sustained happiness. Please feel free to reach out ( if you want to chat about anything! In the meantime, here are a few things about who I am, what I believe in, and my work style. -- What’s my definition of success: I feel successful at the end of a day if at least one of the following is true: 1. Did I make a real, positive change in someone’s life today, however small? 2. Did I actively work on being a better version of myself today vs. yesterday? 3. Did I empower those around me to feel they are capable of achieving more? My communication style: I’m a terrible liar so I really can’t hide anything even if I tried. I love it when I can have a face to face conversation that is direct, honest, and open. I aim to always communicate from a place of understanding instead of a desire to change people’s mind. I appreciate a communication style that is succinct, thoughtful, and respectful. Additionally, I’m big on data and facts, so I especially appreciate when people come in with supporting evidence, numbers, and sources to back up their claim. Qualities I value: Tenacity, compassion, loyalty, self-motivation, thoughtfulness, honesty, and openness. Pet peeves: Selfishness, inauthenticity, and arrogance. What do people misunderstand about me: I may come off as quite direct and even intense sometimes, but it really stems from a place of honesty and eagerness to have transparent and open dialog without needing to beat around the bush. I push myself and my team hard to outperform, but I by no means believe that performance is the ultimate goal to chase after. One of the things I care the most about is to be the best manager and teammate I can be, and I see my ability to motivate others as the primary way to add value. However, I understand that’s not always what people need, so I adjust my style accordingly to support others in different ways. Adapting my style to fit what others need is something I’m constantly working on. Fun fact about me: You can find me selling honey at the local farmers market on Saturdays when the weather is nice, and selling Christmas trees on a street corner every December.
Company start date: May 2020
Location: 118 Spring Street, New York, United States
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