People and Culture


We are creating the best place in the world to work. We do what it takes to attract stellar talent, make sure that our fellow team members truly enjoy coming to work, and that our culture lives in and around the organization (not just in policies and documents).

Meet the team

Fun facts


I used to model wheel chairs and flea repellent when I was a kid.


Perfectly ripe mangoes are my favorite food.


In college I gave a private tour of our campus to Bruce Springsteen (and his son).


I begged my parents for dog throughout my entire childhood and on the day I moved out from home they got one. Instead they gave me 2 pet rats: Chip and Chap :)

What was the last book you read?


"Between the world and me," Ta-Nehisi Coates

When are you most productive during the day?


Definitely in the morning! When I come to work around 9am I have already been busy for four hours doing everything from working out to folding laundry and grocery shopping.


Early mornings, like 7-11am. I feel most productive after being outside, getting dressed even if I WFH, and a pot of coffee ready to pour. Bring it on.


I'm a total morning person, so love that our company tends to skew towards morning meetings in the US to take advantage of the shared working hours with our Copenhagen team.

Can you describe a typical day of yours?


6 am: Wake up 6.05-8 am: Play with my daughter Elisa while drinking coffee and skimming through slack 8 am: Take Elisa to Daycare 8.15-3: Work (morning is always meeting heavy as we are global team with team members in CPH, Denmark) 3-6 pm: Commute home and pick up Elisa on the days my husband is not in charge - love our pre dinner snack ritual and playing with puzzles or having a dance party 6.30: Dinner 8-10 pm: Catching up on some work, or once in a while relaxing with a Netflix show :)

How we work

Our purpose

We enable our people to bring their “A game” to work, create community and connection among our people (and across an ocean!), and foster wellbeing and meaningful growth experiences for all team members. We do that by (1) attracting and onboarding stellar talent, (2) building office environments that set our teams up for success and for socializing ("hygge" is in our DNA), and (3) providing competitive rewards, recognition, and development opportunities to retain and grow our amazing people.

What makes us unique?

We operate in two countries, with part of our team based in New York City and part of our team based in Copenhagen, DK.

We are a primary user of our own product, and are invited for product brainstorming, testing, and user feedback.

We work with a leadership team that truly values people, and puts this into practice. Significant investment has been made in building out our team and we have a direct report to the CEO (A CEO who has been quoted as saying, "We have unlimited merch budget!")

How we work

We are an open and collaborative team, where every team member has an incredible opportunity to shape how we work. We are currently the only cross-Atlantic team, we check-in as a full team each day, and we currently structure our work in 3 main pillars:

Talent Acquisition - “Attraction”
- Recruiting Channels
- Interview Process
- Onboarding

Culture & Community - “Connection”
- Social & Culture
- Office Management
- Employer Branding

People Operations - “Retention”
- Employee Engagement
- Growth & Development
- Compensation & Benefits

We believe in autonomy and playing to each other’s strengths to get the job done.

We look for people who complement us. People who bring something to the table that we don’t already have, and will make us a better team by contributing something new. And for people who are intrigued by the opportunity to build a great product with us.

Our favorite tools

Slack, Notion, Greenhouse, and good old fashioned conversation (of course!)