The product team is responsible for setting the product strategy and vision, speak with users to understand their needs, lead the current product development, and ultimately build a product that creates real value.

Meet the team

Fun facts


I'm super passionated about vegetarian cooking 🧑‍🍳

How do you like to run meetings?


Arrive late, interrupt, no agenda.


Establish a clear goal/outcome, provide the relevant context, and get out of the way.

What was the last book you read?


Circe — I love Greek Mythology and I love re-imaginings of seemingly small characters from other great works. Highly recommended!

When are you most productive during the day?


Even though I am morning person, I enjoy the mornings where I beat the urge to snooze the alarm and get up early. I feel like it gives me a head start and momentum to be proactive throughout the day.

What part of your job gives you most energy?


Spending time talking to a lot of different people on a daily basis gets me energy and stimulates my brain - both externally when talking to our users but also internally talking to different colleagues across different departments. Talking to different people throughout the day challenges my perspectives and helps me grow constantly