The product team is responsible for setting the product strategy and vision, speak with users to understand their needs, lead the current product development, and ultimately build a product that creates real value.

How we work

How we work

The product team works in two tracks: A product discovery track and a product delivery track. The discovery track is about identifying what problems to solve, and the delivery track is about building MVPs to solve those problems. The focus of these tracks is informed by our OKRs.

Quarterly OKRs
- Every quarter, we define a single company-wide objective and every team then define a team-level objective to support the company-wide one.
- We focus 80% of our time on the quarterly objective and save the last 20% for other projects and initiatives such as internal requests, growth optimizations, tech/design debt, data-driven initiatives, etc.

Discovery Track
- The discovery track is optimally 6-12 weeks ahead of the delivery track.
- We interview users and the target audience to both identify problems to solve and understand as much about them before the delivery track kicks in.
- The output of the discovery track is a set of well-defined jobs-to-be-done for the audience we're building for.

Delivery Track
- The delivery track runs in cycles of 6 weeks with a 1-week breather between them.
- Every 6-week cycle has a theme and is divided into three 2-week sprints each with their own sub goals and deliveries.
- The cycles and sprints are run by Antoine with mixed participation from the available designers and developers.
- The 1-week breather after each cycle doesn't have a clear agenda. The Product team spends the time preparing for the next cycle, while Design and Engineering can do what they want. Maybe relax a bit before the next cycle.

Our favorite tools

Slack for internal communication
Notion for documentation
Amplitude for product analytics
Shortcut for engineering tasks
Figma for design
Productboard for organizing user insights
Hotjar for recording user sessions
Customer.io for sending emails
Chess for having fun
Plus brainstorm sessions, customer interviews, and our own little brains.

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