The Monetization team at The Org is responsible for setting and executing on our commercial strategy. This means coming up with new products and services, bringing them to market, operationalizing and constantly improving on them.

Meet the team

Fun facts


For me, there is no food too spicy.


I've lived and went to school in Seoul, South Korea.

How do you like to run meetings?


Establish a clear goal/outcome, provide the relevant context, and get out of the way.

What was the last book you read?


Circe — I love Greek Mythology and I love re-imaginings of seemingly small characters from other great works. Highly recommended!

What do people misunderstand about you?


I can come off as a very confident, leading voice in meetings. This is often misunderstood as "my way or the highway". When it is meant more to challenge the people I work with, if you are confident I am wrong I would hope and expect to be challenged.