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All the Way From Romania, Meet The Org's Senior Backend Developer: Alexandra Birsan

All the Way From Romania, Meet The Org's Senior Backend Developer: Alexandra Birsan, The Org

Meet Alexandra Birsan, our newest Senior Backend Engineer. Born and raised in Romania, where she still currently resides, Alexandra will soon join our technical team in Copenhagen. As an avid traveler, we look forward to showing her around our beautiful city when the time comes! “I love to travel, meet people from different cultures, and be awed that even though we come from such diverse places and cultures, there are things that connect us,” Alexandra said.

In her role as Senior Backend Developer, Alexandra will work with the team to develop features and translate business needs into technical solutions. She brings six years of experience in both outsourcing and product companies, where she created charts for better visualization of data within companies, worked for a provider of deferred payment solutions and created and maintained booking APIs for a company in the shipping industry.

“I’m excited to work for The Org because I believe in the values the company promotes,” Alexandra said. “I feel transparency is of utmost importance, not only in the professional world but in all the other areas of life. I also feel that work should be an environment where everyone is empowered, feels safe to express her or his opinions, take ownership, and grow and learn from mistakes.”

Alexandra is passionate about being part of a culture that allows employees to be more than just their job title, responsibilities,or KPIs, and feels that the workplace should enable everyone to express who they are fully as a person. As a senior team member, she's excited to continue fostering this inclusive mindset internally and help her team grow closer together.

When she's not working, Alexandra loves to learn more about herself and the environment around her. “Outside of work, I am interested in discovering more about my inner world,” she said. “I love to read, dance, and challenge myself to do things that I never thought I would have done.”

We can’t wait to see what you accomplish with us at The Org, Alexandra!

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New Feature Alert: Easily Explore Top Companies on The Org

New Feature Alert: Easily Explore Top Companies on The Org

Ever since its founding, The Org was designed to be a place where you could find the people who matter behind the world’s top companies. Today, with the launch of Explore, we have taken a big step to make it easier to find people and teams faster and more efficiently. Explore is a new page that you can find in our header and footer. This page enables you to see curated and automated lists of companies on The Org that deserve your attention. And not only that, you can find jobs through these lists (and get your jobs discovered by job seekers!), as well as discover new companies in an industry, location, or trend that you also should know about. With 200,000 companies now on The Org, our directory of the world’s top companies is the same as before. You can search and filter to go deeper by industry or location, and now with Explore you can get curated companies surfaced that visitors might not have known about or noticed before, for a variety of reasons. Some of these lists are created by us, our content team over at Iterate, and some lists (and many more to come) are automated by trending, newly verified, and more. Clicking into individual lists in the new Explore experience, you’ll find something else new. Each list has company-level toggles that enable you to open up and give you a quick overview of that company’s basic information as well as an embedded org chart you can explore without leaving the list view. Quick information is useful - location, industry, company size, as well as a dynamic listing of that company’s open jobs. So if you’re looking for work, you can quickly see companies hiring in a list of an industry or location you’re interested in. If you’re looking for talent, by keeping your organization up to date on The Org, you can ensure that when you are on a list, candidates are seeing all current openings at a glance. We believe at The Org that our Explore feature is unlike anything else out there. With frequent new additions and updates to existing top lists, our editorial team is constantly producing fresh content on emerging startup trends that’s worth checking back on every day. Our automated tools also generate lists of startups with most recent fundraising, who joined our Verified community, and more. Not only that, but our lists, which connect directly to jobs and org charts, can also empower both sides of the talent equation in tech and high growth startups to help find not just a paycheck, or a new position in an org chart, but a real fit: culturally and professionally. Getting a transparent view on a company is the first step to creating better talent matches with much more to come! What kind of lists are live right now? Here are a few examples you can check out: [50 Female-Led Emerging Tech Companies to Watch](https://theorg.com/explore/female-led-emerging-tech-companies ) Most Gender Diverse Exec Teams [Remote Companies Hiring Now](https://theorg.com/explore/remote-companies-hiring-now ) [The Most Transparent Tech Companies](https://theorg.com/explore/most-transparent-tech-companies ) [Top Exciting Non-Tech Hub Startups in the US](https://theorg.com/explore/non-tech-hub-startups ) Want to get your company featured on our upcoming curated lists? Click here to get in touch with us and get your company set up on The Org today.

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Join our webinar: How to win with a data-driven hiring strategy

Join our webinar: How to win with a data-driven hiring strategy

On the surface, The Org is a powerful tool for high-growth startups to attract and retain talent. But underneath, The Org contains a sea of data powered by dynamic org charts which, when aggregated, reveals trends about which candidates successful startups are hiring and when they’re being hired. Recently, we’ve been working with talent teams at venture funds—experts at giving high-growth startups data-informed org structure suggestions to use when they’re hiring. On June 16, The Org will be joined by VC talent and people analytics experts from Balderton Capital, OpenView Partners, and Lead Edge Capital in a discussion about how to use data to create a portfolio talent strategy that generates ROI for high-growth startups. Interested in learning how startups can harness data to drive hiring? Register for our webinar now.

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