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Celebrating Keyan's First Year at The Org

Celebrating Keyan's First Year at The Org, The Org

It's hard to enumerate Keyan's countless contributions in the last 365 days at The Org. It was clear that The Org had found a special addition in Keyan when he voluntarily did all three case studies during his interview process although he was only asked to complete one. It was impressive not only because he's clearly passionate about his work, but also because he has had no prior data analytics work experience despite acing his three case studies. So it was obvious from the very beginning that Keyan is not only immensely intelligent, but also has the hustle to exceed expectations.

Shortly thereafter, Keyan hit the ground running. With no previous data analytics experience to speak of, Keyan was not intimidated but tenacious... he rolled up his sleeves, became a sponge, and put in a tremendous amount of effort to quickly learn the technical skills he needed to succeed at his job.

From the beginning, Keyan solidified his status as The Org’s in-house data expert. He's a wiz at everything data related, and he is very skilled at clearly and effectively explaining very complex data concepts in layman's terms. His ability to make intimidating subjects accessible to non-technical people is exceptional. Besides his ability to quickly make informed decisions, Keyan is also very skilled at working cross-functionally while maintaining a quiet optimism. Simply put, the team would not be the same had it not been for Keyan's hard work and support over the last year.

Above all, Keyan makes working with him a true delight. He is exceptionally thoughtful and quietly witty. He doesn't say much, but whatever he says is always on point. He is an amazing sparring partner to his teammates and The Org is very lucky to have him during this wild journey.

And now, some words from your fan club!

Keyan: I can’t believe it’s already been a year! You were one of the first people to take a chance on us and for that I will always be grateful. I appreciate your humility, intellect, and hard work every day.

-- Christian

Keyan, it is always a great pleasure to work with you. Your perspectives and your research on the analytics space are inspiring and have not only provided us with a better technical setup, but also helped streamline and align the processes that involve everyone in the company. Thank you for your always positive and helpful attitude and for being the unyielding keeper of our metrics!

-- Andreas

Keyan, Happy Org-versary! Thank you for being such an amazing teammate and friend over the past year. I have really enjoyed working with you - you are always so helpful and I appreciate all your super thoughtful and considered recommendations and feedback! You have set an exemplary standard for all of us with your work ethic and your dedication. And outside of work, I have enjoyed getting to know all the fun facts about you, such as your viral presence on TikTok! 😉 I am super excited to start your 2nd year at The Org with you!

-- Olivia

Keyan is an absolute pleasure to work with! I'm so happy we are both on the ops team, but also that his role is so cross-functional so that (I think literally?) everybody has an opportunity to work with him! Keyan is a WIZARD with all things technical and analytical and knows our data inside and out. What really sets him apart, though, is how he connects the rest of us less (or not at all) technical folks to that data. Keyan is great at listening and really understanding what is needed - sometimes more than the requestor themselves! On multiple occasions, I have asked Keyan for data or dashboards and he comes back with something beyond my request that gets more to the heart of my problem/question than what I could have imagined. I'm also always impressed by his demeanor - I have a sense Keyan's time and talents are always in high demand based on the number of shout-outs he gets, yet I've never seen him frantic or frazzled.

-- Kelsey

Keyan, it has been an absolute blast working with you so far! I’ve enjoyed our conversations about the difference between techno and house and our Friday music listening sessions at the office. I very much appreciate your dedication to your work and how open and helpful you are when I have questions or ideas that I want to bounce off of you. Your sense of humor, light-heartedness, and general commitment to your job make you a true pleasure to work with! Happy Org-versary Keyan!!

-- Karan

Keyan, congratulations on your 1 year anniversary! I've been incredibly impressed with what you have accomplished since starting at The Org. You've come in from a different background, but have run the BI function with a confidence and authority of someone who's been doing it for years. On top of that, while you take your work very seriously, you're always really fun to be around in social settings. I say this even though your jokes sometimes come at my expense ('Hypebeast') - you know what I'm talking about.

-- Daniel

Keyan is a great colleague. He is incredibly smart, articulate, and passionate but what I want to highlight most is how he is just a great person in general. At any given time, he has a million asks but always manages to get everything done and help everyone company-wide. On top of that, he always provides great feedback and insights on all aspects of our business.

In addition to being incredibly hardworking and thoughtful, Keyan is an awesome person. He is incredibly approachable, and you can have a conversation with him about anything. On a personal note, I also really appreciate his book recommendations. Thanks, Keyan, and congrats on the anniversary!

-- Adam

Congratulations on one year, Keyan! It has been an absolute pleasure! You handle our endless research requests with complete ease, and have added so much to the team. Thank you for all your hard work this year. Cheers!

-- Katherine

Keyan is the guy you go to when you need wisdom. He knows numbers and has ideas. He's a pleasure to work with, enjoys hamburgers, and in another life he'd be a hair model but in this one I'm very lucky to call him a colleague and a friend.

-- Dylan

Happy Org-versary Keyan!!! First time we met you ordered some of the most delicious Thai food to the office, and when the apocalypse hits I know we'll be good survivor buddies because we'll be content eating just pasta ;) Congrats, and can't wait for the next year with you at The Org!

-- Ben

Keyan's been a true pleasure to work with. From the moment I joined the company he's been an extremely helpful resource in terms of helping me familiarize myself with all things "data" related. He has a unique ability to dilute technical information into knowledge that's digestible for anyone. I look forward to continuing to be colleagues on the operations team as well as the larger company. Thank you Keyan! Congratulations!

-- Charles

Happy Org-versary!!! I'm super happy and grateful to be working with you :))) Miguelol's world became a better place when I found out that Keyan knows more about Reggaeton than I do jeje. You're super smart and kind, and you're always willing to help everyone out - but everyone knows that already!!!! Cheers!

-- Miguel

Keyan - my buddy during my onboarding process! It has been so fun and rewarding to work with you. Always willing to help and open to new ideas. It has been an absolute pleasure and hope to keep it going! Congrats on your 1 year anniversary, we are so lucky to have you!

-- Maria P

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Meet the Talent Leader Helping The Org Scale: Ingrid Pappalardo

Meet the Talent Leader Helping The Org Scale: Ingrid Pappalardo

Ingrid Pappalardo is the newest addition to our talent acquisition team, joining us as the Director of Talent. In her role, she will be responsible for building a top-notch talent acquisition apparatus to help The Org find talent in nontraditional and equitable ways. “My career started 8 years ago when I asked myself, ‘what can I do with my psychology degree, other than sitting across from a patient on a couch?’” Ingrid recalled. “I decided to apply psychology theories to the corporate world, and started in very buttoned-up financial services and renewable energy spaces. Since then, I have been cracking the world of VC and startups for some time now and there is no looking back!” Outside of work, Ingrid is a full-time dog mom to the large and fluffy Samba, who has already made herself at home in our Soho office. In addition, Ingrid also loves pottery, learning new languages (French is her current pursuit), NOT cooking and finding the next best whiskey bar in the city. Although Ingrid currently resides in Brooklyn, she has no shortage of past homes under her belt. She was born and raised in Cuba, but spent a large chunk of her childhood and young adulthood years in Jamaica and later, Panama. Before moving to Brooklyn with her husband, Ingrid lived on the Upper East Side. “I am excited to work at The Org because we are building a product for people like you and me. At one point in our lives, we have all been looking for the next best move in our careers and want to do so responsibly. The Org allows us to do that while leveling the playing field between employers and candidates through transparency.” We can’t wait for Ingrid to apply her well-rounded cultural background and experience in psychology to our people team as we continue to grow!

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Meet The Org’s Newest Senior Reporter, Eliza Haverstock!

Meet The Org’s Newest Senior Reporter, Eliza Haverstock!

Please join us in welcoming our brand new journalist, Eliza Haverstock. She is the latest addition to The Org’s content team, where she contributes as a Senior Reporter covering the data and trends powering the future of work and the startup and tech communities for Iterate, The Org’s content platform. Prior to joining our team, Eliza worked at Forbes. First, she was an assistant editor on the money & investing team and then was a wealth reporter covering the world’s billionaires and calculating their net worths. Before that, she covered venture capital and private equity for PitchBook Data, and also interned as a reporter for Bloomberg. “Transparency is key at The Org, and it’s also a core principle of journalism,” Eliza said. “I’m excited to help build the Iterate platform alongside a talented team of journalists, and to advance The Org’s mission to promote more open and transparent workplaces.” Originally from Northern Virginia, Eliza now resides in Brooklyn, New York. Be sure to look out for her the next time you’re roaming around the city because when Eliza’s not working, she tries to get outdoors as much as possible. “I love being outside—hiking, walking, running, rollerblading,” Eliza continued. “I also travel whenever I can, and I’m currently attempting to master the art of French cooking!” Welcome to the team Eliza! We can’t wait to read all of your insightful stories 🤩

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