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Dominic Pace Joins The Org as Partnerships Manager

Dominic Pace Joins The Org as Partnerships Manager, The Org

The Org has hired Dominic Pace as its new Partnerships Manager. He will work from New York City and report to Head of Partnerships Adam Bruskin.

In his role, Dom will be responsible for maintaining and growing the top of funnel demand at The Org. He will also source and explore new demand channels and be tasked with finding ways to grow the community as a whole.

Dom first became interested in The Org during the pandemic, as he began to notice the shift toward workplace tools that could benefit the new remote work culture was suddenly prevalent. He stated, "Understanding that getting a real look into a company is extremely difficult to gauge during an interview process, let alone now having to do it remotely? To be part of a company that is on the forefront of the shifting work culture we're all getting used to is very exciting".

Before joining The Org, Dom was an Account Executive on the Growth team at Air, a data-asset management platform built to help teams collaborate with images and videos. He joined as the company’s youngest team member and as the first non-technical hire. While at Air he built out the full sales cycle & sales process in order to help launch the company in Feb 2020.

Prior to Air, Dom was a Sales Development Representative at Namely. He was exposed to the grind that is outbound sales, and developed a great relationship and comfortability with the word "no".

Dom was born and raised in New Jersey and graduated from the University of Southern California with a B.S. in Business Administration before returning to the east coast and starting his life after college in NYC.

His interests outside of work include spending time with his family & friends, trying new food or restaurants, watching movies, and keeping up with all things basketball, baseball, and football.

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New!Team announcement

Ryan joins the Org!

Ryan joins the Org!

We had our eye on Ryan for a long time. So to say we're thrilled that he is now joining the team is an understatement of our real excitement level that can't be contained on this page. He's come on as our Senior Director of Business Development, focusing on growth through outbound initiatives and partnerships. When we asked Ryan why he was excited about joining The Org he told us: "Everyone on the planet should feel exactly like I do right now when interviewing and then onboarding into a new role. Super excited, running full speed into it, no reservations at all. Knowing prior to starting exactly who you will work with, how the organization is structured, and ensuring values are aligned are impossible without validated transparency. I joined to help make sure this is a reality for everyone, everywhere." Ryan joined his first startup, Zoomer, as employee #2 and was the first executive hire in 2014 as their Head of Sales. He focused on the commercial side of the business growing revenue from zero to $1M+ and then scaled a team to $15M+ within 30 months. He spent the last few years with two startups focused exclusively on health systems within the pharmacy space, helping bring enterprise solutions to that market. "I've sold mature products and MVPs from B2C to mid market to enterprise. I love providing "voice of customer" feedback and working closely with product, tech, and operations teams." Ryan and his wife are blessed with two healthy children. They are young so he spends almost all of his time outside of work with them. He also sneaks away to the golf course now and then. His family recently found a church they are excited about and also spend a good amount of time at the local YMCA where both kids take swim lessons. Ryan grew up outside of Philadelphia and spent most of his years post college living in Philly. After kids, he and his wife moved to where his wife was from to raise them near the lake in Brookfield CT. Ryan, you've arrived. Welcome to The Org!

New!Team announcement

The Org welcomes Gustav to the team!

The Org welcomes Gustav to the team!

The product team is growing and Gustav joins as our newest Product Manager. His responsibilities cover testing ideas and iterating on them to ship features for our users. He is passionate about understanding people and enjoys diving deep into problems. He describes. his approach as: "I strive to look beyond tech and its solutions and start with people and empathy first." Why The Org? "It was the vision of helping organizations be more transparent. All the information you need and care about is available. Everyone is happy to share their work, experience and knowledge. For me, this transparency creates an environment of trust to be yourself and grow professionally and personally." Gustav celebrates our hybrid work environment. He can work from home to focus on deep work or decide to come into our cozy Copenhagen office which he goes on to say "people here are motivated to work at the office because of the social atmosphere, good work environment, and great office space. It's not because they are forced by company policies - now that is how to build a strong culture." Gustav comes from working in product and partnership positions at tech companies. Most recently, he was at Plant Jammer - a food waste app that inspires people to cook delicious meals with what they already have in the fridge. He also worked at the Danish startup YOUANDX - a transparent booking platform for keynote speakers and experts in various industries. Today, he is still part of YOUANDX on their product advisory board. Outside of work, he enjoys spending time in the nature and playing sports. "I enjoy socialising with friends and family, often accompanied by cooking a great dinner." Gustav has come to be passionate for growing his own food (albeit he claims to not be successful at it yet though we are sure you have green thumb potential!). During summer weekends, you'll find him planting seeds and watering sprouts. While he loves to travel, Gustav knows where home is and loves his life in Denmark. He currently lives in Østerbro, Copenhagen, and grew up just 20 minutes north of the city. We are so happy you are here and can't wait for all the fantastic things we will do together! Welcome to the team.

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