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Emil Østergaard Joins The Org as a Frontend Developer

Emil Østergaard Joins The Org as a Frontend Developer, The Org

Emil Østergaard has joined The Org’s growing engineering team as a Frontend Developer. Emil, who reports to Senior Frontend Developer Lukas Bacevičius, will work from Copenhagen, Denmark on a part-time basis as he pursues a degree in software development.

In his role, Emil works work closely with Lukas and the product team to improve and expand the experience for the end-user.

He is excited to work in the fast-paced environment of a growing startup and have a direct impact on the product. “Getting to move fast and have a lot of learning opportunities is really nice," Emil stated. “I also love how much influence I have when deciding the shape and direction for the frontend/ui codebase.”

Emil graduated high school in 2019 and as a self-taught programmer, he started working as a full-time frontend developer at Famly, a small Copenhagen-based startup. He worked full-time at Famly for nine months before transitioning to a part-time role to make room for a bachelor’s degree in software development at the IT University of Copenhagen on the side.

When he’s not studying or working at The Org, Emil can be found working out (bouldering is his current sport of choice). He also loves love spending time with friends and playing board games.

Emil is originally from Copenhagen but lived most of my life in a small town called Slagelse about an hour outside of the city.

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The Org Releases a New Teams Feature

The Org Releases a New Teams Feature

Now you can feature your teams simply and transparently on The Org. Your brand is composed of many talented teams. Showcase them independently with our new Teams feature. Teams is separate from your company’s org chart, and can complement it to go one step further. Here, you can add employees who belong on your team and share a clear view of who is there. This extra layer of visibility is great for internal and external viewers. For internal use it’s a great first step to listing your company on The Org, because you can start with just your team (no need to complete the full company structure right away). It’s also useful to create social teams - like musicians, or a party planning committee - and to share with new hires as they join. For external use it’s a handy way of publicizing certain teams that you want to highlight in your company. This could be a diversity & inclusion team, your hiring committee or other teams. Not only will this help candidates be prepared for the hiring process, but it can also serve as great employer branding that communicates your company values to those on the outside. Check out this latest feature, live now on The Org! We’d love to hear from you, you can reach us at hello@theorg.com if you have any feedback. Want to try it out for your company? Click here to get verified today!

New!Product announcement

The Org Releases their Integration with Greenhouse

The Org Releases their Integration with Greenhouse

The Org is proud to announce their latest product update: a jobs integration with Greenhouse. With this latest feature, verified companies can now automatically import and publish jobs to The Org directly from Greenhouse. One of the biggest hiring challenges for any company is figuring out where to post new jobs, and how to post those jobs efficiently. The last thing any hiring manager or HR department needs is another place to manually manage job ads. So The Org has taken the first step to streamline the job posting process by releasing its Greenhouse integration. This means that companies that use Greenhouse for hiring can configure The Org to automatically import and publish their job ads. This is the only integration with Greenhouse where you can seamlessly place jobs directly into a public org chart. This integration is a milestone because of how it will help companies list jobs simply and quickly straight into their org chart. Not only does this integration help you visualize your team, open roles and new hires for internal communications, but it can be used to help potential applicants see their future team and management structure. The Org believes this will create a better interview experience with candidates who have more context on the company where they are applying. The Org will be introducing more ATS integrations like this one in the future, to provide even more connections with top recruitment and hiring management tools. They are prioritizing next integrations and the team would welcome any feedback around future ATS tools, you can contact them directly at hello@theorg.com.

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