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Our New Transparent Hiring Platform Built for Applicants First

Our New Transparent Hiring Platform Built for Applicants First, The Org

The Org, the platform for the future of work, has successfully entered the talent market. The company’s new jobs platform allows organizations to place open positions directly in their public org chart and it is already showing results.

Slidebean is a Costa Rica and New York City based company making it easy to design powerful presentations using AI. Their clients include Nike, Pfizer, and Starbucks and they’re growing fast. Slidebean needed to hire in the U.S. and have successfully sourced and onboarded a new Community Manager through The Org.

“The Org has been the perfect way to get exposure and more relevant candidates for our team.” - Alejandro Alfaro, Operations Manager

The Org set out to solve deep systemic issues in hiring because organizations of all types consistently cite hiring as their number one concern. There aren’t effective options for high growth companies to find great candidates and the hiring market hasn’t evolved in decades. CEOs and hiring managers are forced to choose between the lesser of two evils: expensive recruiters or mega hiring platforms that drown companies in low quality applicants.

The problem is none of the recruiting solutions are built for talent first. Billions of dollars have poured into tools to sort candidates like cattle or inundate personal inboxes with poaching emails. It’s gotten so bad that quality applicants abhor well-meaning recruiters and work hard to circumvent the hiring platforms.

The Org has designed a new platform and new approach to hiring where companies help candidates see where they fit by placing open positions directly in a public organizational chart.

Great people want to work with great people. By listing open roles in the interactive organizational structure, companies empower applicants to explore where they’ll fit, their future teammates, and future direct supervisor.

In addition to making the application process more human, The Org is turning the job discovery process upside down by empowering talent to discover fast-growing mission-driven companies and then explore the team and open roles once the job seeker has found an organization they adore.

User research and market data show us that good candidates prefer The Org over other platforms. Job seekers tell us the process is personalized and more human. The Org leads to more final round interviews and more offer letters. It’s clear, transparency is now the hiring strategy.

We welcome all companies to give our new hiring platform a try for free. Get started here.

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New!Team announcement

Meet The Org’s Newest Senior Reporter, Eliza Haverstock!

Meet The Org’s Newest Senior Reporter, Eliza Haverstock!

Please join us in welcoming our brand new journalist, Eliza Haverstock. She is the latest addition to The Org’s content team, where she contributes as a Senior Reporter covering the data and trends powering the future of work and the startup and tech communities for Iterate, The Org’s content platform. Prior to joining our team, Eliza worked at Forbes. First, she was an assistant editor on the money & investing team and then was a wealth reporter covering the world’s billionaires and calculating their net worths. Before that, she covered venture capital and private equity for PitchBook Data, and also interned as a reporter for Bloomberg. “Transparency is key at The Org, and it’s also a core principle of journalism,” Eliza said. “I’m excited to help build the Iterate platform alongside a talented team of journalists, and to advance The Org’s mission to promote more open and transparent workplaces.” Originally from Northern Virginia, Eliza now resides in Brooklyn, New York. Be sure to look out for her the next time you’re roaming around the city because when Eliza’s not working, she tries to get outdoors as much as possible. “I love being outside—hiking, walking, running, rollerblading,” Eliza continued. “I also travel whenever I can, and I’m currently attempting to master the art of French cooking!” Welcome to the team Eliza! We can’t wait to read all of your insightful stories 🤩

New!Team announcement

All the Way From Romania, Meet The Org's Senior Backend Developer: Alexandra Birsan

All the Way From Romania, Meet The Org's Senior Backend Developer: Alexandra Birsan

Meet Alexandra Birsan, our newest Senior Backend Engineer. Born and raised in Romania, where she still currently resides, Alexandra will soon join our technical team in Copenhagen. As an avid traveler, we look forward to showing her around our beautiful city when the time comes! “I love to travel, meet people from different cultures, and be awed that even though we come from such diverse places and cultures, there are things that connect us,” Alexandra said. In her role as Senior Backend Developer, Alexandra will work with the team to develop features and translate business needs into technical solutions. She brings six years of experience in both outsourcing and product companies, where she created charts for better visualization of data within companies, worked for a provider of deferred payment solutions and created and maintained booking APIs for a company in the shipping industry. “I’m excited to work for The Org because I believe in the values the company promotes,” Alexandra said. “I feel transparency is of utmost importance, not only in the professional world but in all the other areas of life. I also feel that work should be an environment where everyone is empowered, feels safe to express her or his opinions, take ownership, and grow and learn from mistakes.” Alexandra is passionate about being part of a culture that allows employees to be more than just their job title, responsibilities,or KPIs, and feels that the workplace should enable everyone to express who they are fully as a person. As a senior team member, she's excited to continue fostering this inclusive mindset internally and help her team grow closer together. When she's not working, Alexandra loves to learn more about herself and the environment around her. “Outside of work, I am interested in discovering more about my inner world,” she said. “I love to read, dance, and challenge myself to do things that I never thought I would have done.” We can’t wait to see what you accomplish with us at The Org, Alexandra!

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