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We are so proud to have Sean join the team at The Org! 🤩

We are so proud to have Sean join the team at The Org! 🤩, The Org

Sean joined us at the happy hour prior to his first day and it was clear that Sean has so many stories to tell. When we interviewed him he was in military uniform in the desert somewhere! Did we catch your attention?

Sean joins The Org as a Scout Associate (Technical). This means he will be working with clients to support their journey in finding and hiring individuals with a technical background (usually programming/data science experience). However, if your search is non technical you might still get the pleasure of seeing Sean's big smile as well.

"I’m excited to work at the Org because it lets me continue my passion for recruiting, but also my interest in startups. Not just in the sense that I’m working at one, but because I’m also able to work with other startups all the time. It’s a pretty straightforward path to recruit for a major financial institution, but it is an exciting challenge to recruit for the small shops with new and unique ideas."

In October 2016, Sean enlisted with the Massachusetts Army National Guard during sophomore year of college at Babson college. He trained at Ft. Meade in D.C. to become an Army Public Affairs Specialist. After graduating college in 2019 and he left for NYC with his girlfriend (now fiancee 💍) to work at Apex Staffing as a technical recruiter. There he learned the ins and outs of the traditional recruiting process, both technical and not. Sean worked with companies of all sizes/industries and candidates with 0.5 years of experience to 35 years. In 2020, he deployed to the middle east as part of SOJTF (Special Operations Joint Task Force). There he worked as a logistician, a public affairs specialist, and even a computer technician.

"I’m a huge fan of horror movies and shows, such as the Thing (1982) and the Haunting of Hill House. I’m a big PC gamer (League of Legends & Path of Exile are my vices), but also a lover of board games and Dungeons and Dragons. I also enjoy hanging out with my 2 feline friends, Bartholomew and Beatrice. I love to cook and have been working on my Korean recipes recently (currently working on haemul pajeon)."

Sean was born in Missouri and then raised in Miami, Florida. He left for Massachusetts for college and temporarily settled down in Long Island City after graduation. One thing led to another and he eventually found himself a proud owner of a Newarkian home that’s been around since Benjamin Harrison was President.

Welcome to the team Sean!

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Kaila Lim takes on Community Management in NYC for The Org 👋

Kaila Lim takes on Community Management in NYC for The Org 👋

We knew instantly when we met Kaila the first time that she was made for the role of Community Manager at The Org. Kaila is a natural born public speaker and community builder. With a past from sales enablement and training in hyper growth startups facilitating connection have become an almost native skill for Kaila. I her own words: "It’s my job to help create strong connection internally and bring The Org brand to life externally. My official title is Community Manager but I don’t like the word manager because you don’t manage a community - you build it, grow it, nurture it, and make it better. " Kaila is excited for especially 2 of our values here at The Org: she looks forwards to being a contrarian and practicing hygge. You can read more about us here. She elaborates: "Humans were intended to commune. We’ve done since our earliest days as hunters and gatherers. I believe in a workplace that comes together not just because we’re on the same payroll but because we genuinely enjoy the unique energy and vibe each of us brings. " Her previous role at Procore, she got to host monthly Sales All Hands and get on the stage in front of the Revenue Teams as they celebrated milestones and shared targets. At CreatorIQ, she was lucky to wear different hats. One of them being the host of the Weekly Company All Hands. When they went full remote, she decided to help facilitate this call by channeling her vlogging skills to Zoom style moderating. She lived in Seoul while working New York hours for CreatorIQ (yes, leading All Hands with high energy at 2am KST) and during day time, she volunteered with Seoul Startups. A diverse community of native and expat entrepreneurs, investors, artists, designers all interested in learning. It felt natural for her to gather them for coffee meetups or weekend morning hikes. It was volunteering for Seoul Startups that affirmed her wanted to make building community more of her life’s work. On her bio page at The Org you will find a couple of fun facts: She can fit everything she own into 2 suitcases She is half Korean, half Native American (Pueblo of Acoma and Navajo) She love mangoes. The best ones she have ever eaten were in Mexico and Kenya. Welcome to the team Kaila! In your short time here you have already made an incredible impression. We cant wait for all the great moments we will create together.

New!Team announcement

The Org strengthens the Frontend team with Rasmus Pedersen joining 🚀

The Org strengthens the Frontend team with Rasmus Pedersen joining 🚀

We could not be prouder of calling Rasmus our new colleague in the Frontend Engineering team! Rasmus strengthens the team with his background from TrackMan, (Danish sports radar company) where he worked with a Polish engineering team to develop a React app that is now used in baseball stadiums across the US, Japan, South Korea and Australia among others. After that Rasmus started working in Plant Jammer (food waste app) that has more than 1m downloads combined on the Google Play store and Apple App store. After a pivot to become a B2B company Rasmus had the responsibility of starting several React frontends on top of the Plant Jammer API, including the main sas tool. "I am exited to work at the org, because I love the scope of the idea, and believe that it will be huge. " Rasmus says Rasmus is yet another colleague with a side gig: Rasmus and some friends are building a reverse market place for foodtrucks. We love good energy and initiative like this and we even ask our candidates during the interviews to tell us about something entrepreneurial they have done. Passion is contagious and the perseverance to carry through and not be all talk is highly treasured at The Org. Rasmus brings another kiddo to the The Org family and as a family man Rasmus enjoys going for walks and good food (both the eating and the cooking portion) :D Welcome to the team, Rasmus. We are so excited to learn from you and create with you!

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