Org chart

Kenneth Tuchman
Chairman & CEO
Regina Paolillo
Global COO
Jim Sheehan
COO, Digital
Judi Hand
Chief Revenue Officer
Michael Wellman
Chief People Officer
Nick Cerise
Chief Marketing Officer
Margaret McLean
General Counsel & Chief Risk Officer
Sean Erickson
Global Head of Engage
Alistair Niederer
Head of EMEA
John Everson
Chief Security Officer
Chris Condon
Chief Revenue Officer, Digital

Board & Advisors

Ekta Singh-bushell
Board Member
Gregory A. Conley
Board Member
Marc L. Holtzman
Board Member
Robert Frerichs
Board Member
Steven J. Anenen
Board Member
Tracy L. Bahl
Board Member
Gina L. Loften
Board Member

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