UN Environment Programme


Org chart

Inger Andersen
Executive Director
Rafael Peralta
Chief of Staff
Daniel Cooney
Director, Communications Division
Sami Dimassi
Director, West Asia Office
Susan Gardner
Director, Ecosystems Division
Barbara Hendrie
Director, North America Office
Tim Kasten
Director, Policy and Programme Division
Arnold Kreilhuber
Acting Director, Law Division
Jorge Laguna-Celis
Director, Governance Affairs Office
Sonja Leighton-Kone
Director, Corporate Services
Ligia Noronha
UN Assistant Secretary-General and Head of UNEP, New York Office
Bruno Pozzi
Director, Europe Office
Dechen Tsering
Director, Asia & the Pacific Office
Jian Liu
Director of the Science Division
Andrea Hinwood
UNEP Chief Scientist
Sheila Aggarwal-Khan
Director, Economy Division
Patricia Kameri - Mbote
Director, Law Division
Jacqueline Alvarez
Director, Latin America and the Caribbean
Frank Turyatunga
Acting Director, Africa Office
Radhika Ochalik
Director, Governance Affairs Office

Board & Advisors

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