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Venly Joins Forces with Catawiki to Create and Distribute Jeroom Snelders’ Cartoon NFTs

Venly Joins Forces with Catawiki to Create and Distribute Jeroom Snelders’ Cartoon NFTs, Venly

Venly, a major blockchain technology provider from Belgium, today announces it has worked with Catawiki, an online auction marketplace, to create and distribute non-fungible tokens representing the work of Jeroom Snelders, a Flemish cartoonist. Snelders’ fans can trade their NFTs on Venly’s marketplace after the primary auction.

Jeroom Snelders, one of Flanders' well-known cartoonists, is auctioning 40 pieces of artwork, including some of his best work for the Belgian weekly Humo and Reddit. Besides the physical print, buyers will receive an NFT of the cartoon in a Venly wallet, where they can store their digital assets securely. The auction runs from 31 May to 12 June.

"It is the first time in 45 years that my original work is for sale. This means that my fans have had 45 years to save up," Jeroom Snelders adds jokingly. The artist also has a surprise for the five highest bidders: Jeroom will deliver the pieces in person.

Venly Market is a peer-to-peer blockchain-agnostic marketplace that allows artists to promote their collections and retain royalty fees on all secondary sales. Every time Jeroom’s NFTs are resold, the artist will automatically earn royalty fees up to 10%.

"NFTs are a great tool for digital artists because they allow them to continue to earn as their artwork becomes more successful. And with Venly, artists have access to incredibly user-friendly tools to engage with their audience," says Venly’s CMO Yan Ketelers. "We are very excited to work with Belgian icon Jeroom and Catawiki and hope to bring NFTs a little closer to people through this auction."

Recipients do not have to go through a complicated process of setting up a wallet: Accessing NFTs is as easy as clicking a link in an e-mail and choosing a pin code. Venly makes storing and trading NFTs seamless for its users. Furthermore, NFT holders can safely store Jeroom’s tokens in the Venly wallet because top-level security lies at the heart of everything.

About Venly: Venly (previously Arkane Network) is a blockchain technology provider that helps businesses and creators embrace blockchain technology by focusing on simplicity, prime UX, and top-level security. It offers easy-to-implement blockchain-agnostic solutions such as digital wallets, NFT minting and distribution tools, and a peer-to-peer NFT marketplace.

About Jeroom Snelders: Jeroom Snelders studied Graphic Design at Sint-Lucas Ghent where he was discovered by Ever Meulen. Ever Meulen introduced him to the weekly Humo. His comics quickly became a fixture in Humo. In 2002 he won the 'Belgian Press Cartoon Award', and his work has also been published internationally.

About Catawiki: Catawiki is the leading online auction marketplace for buying and selling special objects. Every week, more than 75,000 objects are offered for auction – each one reviewed and selected by hundreds of in-house experts in the fields of art, design, jewelry, classic cars, collectibles, and much more.