William James College


Org chart

Dan Brent
VP, Finance & Operations
Stacey Lambert
VP, Academic Affairs & Chair, Clinical Psychology Department
Joanne A. Thomas
AVP, Enrollment Management
Kelly Casey
Managing Director, Forensic & Clinical Services
Lilly Manolis
Director, Office of the President
Lynn Alberding
Director, Alumni Relations & Annual Giving
Brian Ott
Director, Center for Psychological Science
Anne Wilson
Director, Communications
Wendy Dillon
Director, Development
Gloria Noronha
Director, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
Vanessa Aller
Director, Education Technology
Kevin Costello
Director, Facilities
Shellee Robbins
Director, Field Education
Hilary Baxter
Director, Financial Aid
Mary Ann Mullin
Director, Field Education, Clinical Psychology Department
Jeff Choo
Director, Information Technology
Angela Wilbur
Director, Training
Jennifer Sevigney Durand
Director, Legal Training
Sonia Suri
Director, Program Development, Monitoring & Evaluation
Marc Abelard
Director, Strategic Partnerships, Center for Workforce Development
Shani Turner
Director, African & Caribbean Mental Health Concentration
Ronald Lee
Director, Applied Behavior Analysis
Catherine Vuky
Director, Asian Mental Health Concentration
Mari Carmen Bennasar
Director, Lucero Latino Mental Health Program
Darlene Piva
Director, MA in Organizational Psychology
Jenny J. D'olympia
Director, Military & Veterans Psychology
Jessica P. Greenwald O'brien
Director, Center of Excellence
Erika Heilman
Director, Neuroscience of Leadership Concentration
Carleen Caldwell
Director, Talent Management Concentration
Gina Dessources Benjamin
Associate Director, Clinical & Community Services

Board & Advisors

People not yet in org chart

Eliza Kim
Intake Coordinator, INTERFACE Referral Service
Quinlan Taylor
Research Assistant
Julia Ogden
Admissions Counselor