Adrian Tamblin
Adrian Tamblin
CEO at Wine Routes
Adrian Tamblin is a Sonoma County, CA native and CEO and Co-Founder of Wine Routes, a new desktop and mobile app aimed at improving the wine country travel experience. His insatiable love of wine, travel, and adventure, coupled with his entrepreneurial background, lead him to assemble a team to tackle issues, challenges, and opportunities in the wine tech/travel space. Prior to committing full time to Wine Routes, Adrian spent 10 years as Director of Operations and Partner at directoryofschools.com, a leading online portal that matched students with education programs suiting their interests at over 1,600 universities throughout the United States. His understanding of matching students with schools helped him conceptualize Wine Routes' core service - helping users curate personalized experiences based on a winery’s wines, reviews, and amenities. Adrian’s experience also extends from another passion, as a partner of veloToze, a 3-year-old company out of Sonoma County that has reinvented the cycling shoe cover. Through his role with this start-up, Adrian has been responsible for turning professional cyclists into advocates at major races throughout the world, including California's Amgen Tour of California and France's Tour De France. As a result of this endorsement, veloToze is now being shipped to athletes in over 70 countries. He is a truly passionate entrepreneur who has spent his life building start-ups, assembling teams, and bringing innovative platforms and products to market. When not spending time with his wife and two boys, Adrian rides on the Red Peloton and Velo Fratello cycling teams and volunteers as a bike Marshall at Tour De Fox, Tour De Fuzz, Tour De Organics, and Marshall's Levi's Gran Fondo.

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