Witch Doctor Gaming

Official org chart of Witch Doctor Gaming, an organization that prioritizes the growth of a positive community while supporting our players within competitive titles. Our community first mentality has been a cornerstone of the organization since its inception. We push all of our members, the #Shaman...Read more




Org chart



Erik "funkeefish72" Fischer
Head of Media & Brand
Khari "Khalmoon" Addison
Head of Creative


Jon "Snipess_US" Novak
General Manager
Melissa "Aemliss" Chu
Senior Administrative Coordinator
Ethan "marshen" Coker
Accounting Assistant



The first key pillar at the center of the organization is our Community, with social platforms including Discord, Reddit, Twitter, and Twitch serving as the main spaces for interaction. In general, Esports can be overly competitive, bordering on toxic and antagonistic. By bringing a team of creators, competitors, and others who share similar values under one umbrella, the WD brand is built on a positive community involving regular interactions between the fanbase and the organization’s members.


Editorial articles, video production, live streams, and other forms of digital content form the second pillar of our organization. Over the past decade in the video game and larger media industries, audiences tend to vastly prefer connections with individual influencers over faceless organizations. Through public-facing members as well as their individual followings, Witch Doctor Gaming, serving as a host for like-minded individuals


The final core pillar of Witch Doctor Gaming is central to the esports industry as a whole: competition. As an organization, WD supports and promotes our competitive teams through the organization’s available resources and connections, namely the organization’s various social media profiles. While many esports teams can suffer from an environment focused on competition above all else, to distinguish ourselves from our competitors, Witch Doctor’s members create a more welcoming environment.