Jocelynn Hawkins

SVP, Product at XTM


Jocelynn Hawkins is the SVP of Product at XTM Inc. Jocelynn has over 10 years of experience in financial services and operations, specializing in banking, credit card, and loan products. Jocelynn has a proven track record of successful product launches and integrations into the market.

Hawkins began their career as a financial services consultant, working with FINTEC and other financial companies in operations and product development. Jocelynn then transitioned into management, taking on the role of Director of Operations for Kent-Macpherson. In this role, they were responsible for overseeing the company's operations and compliance with regulations.

After two years at Kent-Macpherson, Hawkins moved to Refresh Financial where they served as Director of Operations & Compliance for two years. In this role, they were responsible for managing the company's operations, compliance, and financial planning.

In their most recent role as SVP of Product at XTM Inc., Hawkins is responsible for the product roadmap, vendor management, project management, and prepaid & credit programs. Jocelynn also oversees the company's strategic planning, budgeting, and business vision. Under their leadership, XTM Inc. has seen increased efficiencies, change management, and continuous improvement in both internal and external processes.

The colleagues of Jocelynn Hawkins include their direct reports, which are the managers of each department within product. These colleagues work with Jocelynn Hawkins on a daily basis to ensure that the product is running smoothly and that the company's goals are being met.



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