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Frequently Asked Questions

Read our FAQs to learn about The Org & our mission to help companies become more transparent. You’ll see why it’s important to us & what we’re doing to make it a reality.

Why Should I Join The Org?

Work is uniquely personal. It’s a direct source of profound self-worth and confidence. At The Org, we aim to make work better - for you, your organization, and for the world.

If you run an organization, The Org will help you:

  • Get your team on the same page
  • Facilitate running a transparent and collaborative team
  • Expose your product and company to media and investors
  • Onboard employees faster
  • Attract better clients
  • Engage your customers
  • Make investments in your most valuable asset, your team.

I Don’t Run a Company, Why Should I Be on The Org?

The Org isn’t only for those who run companies.

If you work for an organization, The Org lets you see the big picture. It shows you exactly where you fit within the company, who your closest teammates are, and what your specific role is so your work can be easily credited. It's a platform built for making connections, and you’ll have a better idea of the people who make up your organization, how to reach out to them, and work smarter together.

If you’re looking for a job, The Org gives you a clearer understanding of both the roles and companies you’re applying to more than any other job site on the Internet, period. You’ll see an org chart which shows where the position fits within the organization, giving you critical insight on how to prepare and which role suits you best.

If you’re a consultant or advisor, The Org provides a plethora of useful examples and curated insights on organizational structures that’ll deepen your understanding on business processes and improvement.

If you’re a researcher or academic, The Org has the largest database of teams and organizations anywhere in the world. If your mission is to facilitate a greater understanding of how to improve the working world, we’d love to connect with you.

If you’re an investor, The Org provides you direct insight to the most vital part of any new venture: the people.

How is The Org Different From LinkedIn?

LinkedIn was designed for a singular aspect of work: showcasing CVs.

To do this, the platform was built for the individual in mind. Resumes, past skills and experiences were publicly shared which was revolutionary in 2003 when it was first launched.

But it’s been nearly two decades since then.

We’re not only built around the individual. We’re also built around organizations and teams. Our public org chart platform is a paradigm shift for businesses. It takes the efforts of the collective and uses it to build the world’s largest professional community. This network highlights the teams, cultures, skills, and focus areas of the companies changing the world.

The Org 2x2 Chart

Unlike LinkedIn, we aren’t trying to sell your information to advertisers and recruiters. We won’t waste your time notifying you on people you don’t know and information you don’t need. No spam messages. No LinkedIn influencers. No marketing gimmicks.

We’re doing things a different way. The Org will be a platform for all stages within work. Where to find a job, how to hire people, to plan your career, and to build a company.

We’re about what you do now and who you work with.

It’s not about where you’ve been, but where you’re going.

How Does The Org Compare to Other Org Chart Software?

First, it is and will always be free.

Second, it’s built upon transparency. We celebrate teams in public and give them the recognition they deserve. Hiring is embedded in the charts themselves, meaning you’ll get the information you need to plan out your team for the years ahead. Applicants will be able to make smart, informed decisions as they’re given a window into what they’ll do at work, who they’ll be around, and how the company ticks. Better fit, happier teams, smarter hiring.

Third, our charts are collaborative. Your entire organization can track and maintain the chart, drastically reducing the time and effort normally required to maintain them. This collaboration builds trust and engagement within your team.

Why Have a Public Org Chart? What Does it Do For My Organization?

Collaborate effectively. With a public org chart everyone knows where they stand, who to talk to, and how to make the gears turn. We clear up bottlenecks and informational gaps with shared learning. Less time is wasted on uncertainty and confusion. Clear communication, innovation and growth take its place.

Engage your customers. Building in public gives your investors, followers, and fans a stake in your success. People don’t only want a shiny success story. They’re drawn to the human side of the journey and being part of a community of enthusiastic supporters.

Onboard faster. When someone new starts, they already know 90% of what they need to get started. They know what your team looks like, their coworkers, who they need to meet, and who else might be joining them. This context drastically reduces the time it takes for them to get up to speed.

Attract better talent. Top players in the field make calculated, informed decisions before joining any team. Our public org chart lets these applicants learn deeply about a secret advantage: your people. Great talent attracts great talent.

Invest in your team. Anything is possible with a talented team, but without one, nothing is. Investing in your most valuable asset and their personal development and interconnected relationships is non-negotiable. Leveraging your team yields massive dividends down the road.

Find partners and collaborators. We have the largest database of teams available anywhere. It gives you exposure to a world of partners, collaborators, and mentors that give your organization a boost.

What Does Transparency Mean, Anyway?

Transparency means running organizations which align their interests with those of its stakeholders, customers, and the world. It’s not a buzzword. It’s not about openly spilling company secrets. It’s about providing context and growing trust that is rewarded by loyalty.

A transparent organizational structure increases organizational effectiveness. They’re built around the right incentives, easy access to information, and facilitating coordination. Everyone should have a public org chart, because what you make is determined by how you are structured.

Transparent companies engage with public input. They encourage participation and interact with feedback from customers. They value their users and community as part of the building process.

Transparency isn’t only a virtue - it’s a competitive advantage. Remote work is here to stay, and like any societal shift, this presents massive opportunity to those who are prepared. Transparency sets up an organization’s ever changing environment for success.

What Does Transparency Look Like in The Real World?

Gitlab didn’t become the world’s greatest remote company by accident. Trust and transparency was the key to success.

GitLab has made everything public. Their production recovery, process, workflow, content, organizational charts, values and more.

Trust begins with hiring, which is why GitLab’s team handbook is public. Potential hires understand GitLab’s values from the beginning, and can “onboard” themselves. They’re better prepared for interviews and this speeds up the hiring process.

GitLab shares their entire org chart on its website. This lets all employees be recognized and celebrated, and not just the founders, executives, or CEOs.

The platform is open-source, meaning users can go in and make requests and contributions to the code. Since GitLab’s response is also open, it saves potential confusion on product roadmaps. And GitLab doesn’t use Slack - all of their messaging is done through public channels. This ensures an open work environment, where everyone is on the same page.

Everyone has a say and stake at what happens at GitLab. With all work visible, there’s an attitude of continuous improvement and collaboration.

What’s the Best Way to Get Started on The Org?

If you’d like to have an all-access pass to the world’s largest database of company org charts, all you need to do is sign-up using your preferred email address. It’s free, quick, and easy.

Once you’re signed on, you can follow companies you’re interested in and add yourself to your organization’s team. If your company isn’t on The Org yet, you can directly contact us and we’ll get you set up.

What Features Do You Offer to Organizations?

Public org chart. Our charts are designed to get your company noticed. They’re inviting, simple, shareable, embeddable, well-formed and constantly improving.

Explore. Find companies similar to yours in our large database of teams. Collect critical information on partners, collaborators, and mentors that can give your organization a boost.

Jobs. We’re on a mission to rebuild the hiring process from the ground up. When you’re hiring someone, you’re not trying to find a robot that will tick off things on a to-do list. They’re a human being whose success is contingent on the ability to work with your team. We put empty positions directly into our visual and interactive org charts so candidates know exactly what position they’re applying for.

Scout. When executive recruiting is one of the messiest, most expensive processes for a company yet is also one of the most vital, that’s an issue. We built a startup-centric alternative to the traditional process that offers 60% of what a full-service recruiting firm does at less than a quarter the price.

Team announcements. New hire? Promotion? Personnel change? If you have news you’d like to share, you can send us your story. We’ll edit and publish your news for our audience, free of charge.

Insights and education. If you want access to the world’s most important developments in organizational management and teams, our resources can help. We’ve curated a library of materials on how to structure and scale teams, and have a continual feed of articles covering all aspects of organization.

How Do We Keep the Chart Up-to-Date?

Our org charts are living, breathing, collaborative documents that are edited in real-time. Unlike the clunky tools that are maintained by outdated software, our charts are crowdsourced from its members and administered by leadership.

By inviting your colleagues to add themselves, they become part of the ongoing, collaborative experience of org-building. It gives everyone a stake in how your team functions and is structured.

You can plan your future headcount with vacant positions, and use those positions to advertise available jobs. We can even help you scout the best talent and locate a list of candidates.

We also do our own research and carefully monitor for changes at companies around the world. The Org has a whole team (of people, not software) devoted to keeping our information accurate and up to date.

Is an Organization’s Product Really Determined By its Organizational Structure?

Yes. No matter what organization or product you might be building, they will functionally reflect one another. This is known as Conway’s Law, which states that “any organization that designs a system will produce a design whose structure is a copy of the organization’s communication structure.”

Simply put, an organization’s communication structure is deeply connected with the final product or services it produces. For example, a product constructed by six different teams will have six different parts.

When teams have a poor communication structure, this will be reflected. The delayal of critical information, poor leadership, and confusion will result in a disconnected and messy product.

Yet when teams are structured in a transparent manner, they are able to effectively collaborate and continuously improve. Well-rounded teams combine the strength of everyone and build a powerful organizational structure which, in turn, leads to a better product.

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