Org chart

Stina Andersson
CEO, Bonnier Group
Casten Almqvist
Head of Business Area, Broadcasting
Lars Dahmén
Head of Business Area, Magazines
Anders Eriksson
Head of Business Area, News
Niklas Hydén
Head of Group Program Management
Karmo Kaas-Lutsberg
Head of Business Area, Business to Business
Johan Kleberg
Head of Business Area, E-Commerce
Jan Lund
Head of Strategy, Corporate Development and M&A
Håkan Rudels
Head of Business Area, Books
Ulrika Saxon
Head of Business Areas, Ventures and Film Studios

Board & Advisors

Erik Haegerstrand
Chairman of the Board
Anders Forsström
Member of the Board, Employee representative
Erik Engström
Member of the Board
Jens Müffelmann
Member of the Board
Martin Harris
Member of the Board, Employee Representative
Ulrika Af Burén
Member of the Board
Gun Nilsson
Member of the Board

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