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Org chart

Felix Ewald
CEO & Co-Founder
Philipp Kramer
CTO & Co-Founder
Kai Witter
Chief Customer Officer
Paul Kastner
Chief Financial Officer
Frank Nuding
Director of Global Service
Pia Harlass
Head of Marketing Communications, Brand & Experience
Tibor Näther
Head of DyeMansion On-Demand Services
Keith Dubose
Technical Service Manager
Bernhard Bartsch
Head of Sales, EMEA
Piotr Ramczykowski
Head of Product Development
Joshua Amrani
SVP Sales, North America
Alena Gleich
Head of R&D
Markus Josten
Director, Global Business Development & New Markets
Heinz Kobes

Board & Advisors

Christian Kramer
Business Angel
Peter Nietzer
Chairman of the Board
Felix Reinshagen
Board Member

People not yet in org chart

Monica Yee
Partner Relations & Brand Manager
Bianca Aas
Patent Management
Melina Michels
Product Management
Mario Hunger
Unknown Role