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Org chart

Rick Bauerly
Managing Partner & CEO
Angie Krtnick Complin
Talent Director
Ben Wiltsie
CEO, Geotek
Brad Goskowicz
CEO, Microbiologics
Bryan Burns
Greg Closser
Interim CEO, All Flex
Jeff Ackerson
CEO, Vector Windows
Jeff Bigger
CEO, Massman Automation
Joanne Kudrna
Director of Strategy Services
John Bryant
CEO, GeoComm
Keith Olson
Director of Investments
Paul Hickey
CEO, Altimate Medical
Ryan Schwartz
Tracy Schulte
Technology & Well-Being Director

Board & Advisors

Amy Jensen
Board Member
Bob White
Board Member
Chris Coborn
Board Member
Don Weeres
Board Member
George Schnepf
Board Member
Greg Windfeldt
Board Member
Jason Ferche
Board Member
Jerry Bauerly
Board Member
Joe Torborg
Board Member
Jon Kern
Board Member
Lee Hanson
Board Member
Mike Roth
Board Member
Nancy Domaille
Board Member
Rollie Anderson
Board Member

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