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Org chart

Holly Towers
Sarah Neyman
Regional Director, Tulsa
Ashley Melson
Clinical Director
Dianne Smith
Senior Director, Development
Jordan Sanchez
Director of Community Programs
Brittany Eck
Regional Director OKC
Megan Wright
Organizational Development Manager

Board & Advisors

People not yet in org chart

Tiffany Hooper
Business Manager
Samantha Chappell
Foster Care Program Assistant
Stephanie Hiebert
Business Manager
Ceedee Gaddis
Hope Center Therapist
Angel Wiley
Kids Club Specialist
Kyla Martin
Hope Center Coordinator
Kaler Campbell
EmpowerOKC Groups Specialist
Brielle Buxton
Learning Center Specialist
Sara Judd
Operations Manger
Andrea Kennedy
Pregnancy and Parenting Coordinator
Kate Laub
OKC Foster Care Specialist
Nadean Kaulaity
EmpowerTulsa Groups Specialist
Julissa Caro
EmpowerOKC Groups Specialist
Kelly Hallquist
Bright Futures Tulsa Parent Advocate
Shalah Fortenberry
Bright Futures Tulsa Parent Advocate
Halie Campbell
Executive Assistant
Emma Curry
EmpowerOKC Groups Speciaist
Kenneth McCrea
Data and IT Specialist
Tieara Buford
Youth Mentoring Coordinator